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OCTOBER 20, 2019: $3,650 [EARLY]

COURSE FEE: $3,900

Program Overview

Live in the whitewashed and relaxed city of Carmona in southern Spain for a magical two weeks. AIP Spain is set at a beautiful historic property right in historic Carmona. We have studio space, courtyards, exhibition space and ample time to explore the city and culture of Andalusia. Arrive in Seville and On this program, wake up to a lovely breakfast, have class or head to the studio workspace. Enjoy shared meals at the hotel and out in town. We have day trips into Seville, known for opera and incredible architecture, along with Cordoba, famous for its mosque cathedral and charming labyrinthian neighborhoods. See an opera in Seville, and explore Cordoba's neighborhoods and monuments on trip days. 


Spain is evocative and mysterious. Delve into the world of art in the historic city of Carmona.


The town of Carmona is excited for our group to be visiting each summer! We work in partnership with the town of Carmona, using the town hall as exhibition space and cultural arts center as studio space. We engage with the community and local makers and artists, inviting locals to dine with us and work with local artists to do our final exhibition and showcase. See Flamenco shows at night, eat fantastic spanish food and  


The region of Andalusia is known for artisanal crafts and wide-ranging cultural influence, from the discovery of the new world to Moorish and Roman art. Andalusia is famous worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage.


It is the birthplace of Flamenco. Basque in the Mediterranean lifestyle, taste incredible food while immersing in art and Spanish culture. Broaden your perspective and cultivate skills for design, art, and fabrication. Discover Seville, Granada, and Cordoba in our group day trips.

What's Included?

  • 14 days in Carmona, Spain at our castle hotel [based on group occupancy] *Rooms are shared with other guests unless you request and pay for a private room. 

  • All breakfasts [excluding independent travel days]

  • All lunches [excluding independent travel days]

  • All dinners [excluding independent travel days]

  • Airport pickup and drop-off for arrival and return flights [Flight not included in price.]

  • Travel Guide

  • Three course credits may be offered depending on your school or if your course is approved for credit.

All workshop fees and supplies are purchased independently. Each course has a different lab fee that will be communicated in advance.

Program Outline

Spanish art is open and expressive. Dance, music, sculpture, and architecture communicate a wide range of human experience. The idiosyncratic masterworks of Greco, the Golden Age of Velazquez, the art of Goya, and the innovative works of Picasso, Dali and Miró are wide-ranging and powerful.


Spain is known for painting, pottery, and leatherwork. We will offer workshops with local masters. We offer various courses in art and design in Carmona. Our group will travel to museums and cultural sites to understand the broad historical context of Spanish art. 


Using exhibition space in the city, site-specific course space, and an innovation platform, we aim to make a variety of work, sharing and exchanging perspectives, informed by the past and present. Cross-course critique and dialogue between students and professionals is an essential component of our horizontal platform. Risk-taking and hard work are encouraged and nurtured. Study contemporary and traditional methods of design and art. Return home with a body of work produced, and broadened cultural perspective.

Course: Drawing & Painting

Instructor: Nora Venturelli

Work outdoors in the spectacular light and sites of Carmona, with day trips to Madrid, Granada and Cordoba. The focus is on oil painting, but students are encouraged to work with the materials of their preference. We will also incorporate “Urban Sketching” techniques using ink and/or watercolors. Lectures will be given on composition/design; paying special attention to color, color mixing, and paint application. This workshop will help artists of all levels strengthen their sense of observation, and to convert their observations into successful compositions.

Course: Theatre

Instructor: Christopher Mirto

Theatre is able to respond quickly and viscerally to current events, galvanizing an audience through its liveness, flaws, and the energy of the performers. We will create theatre that responds immediately to the world around us, using ourselves, the strengths and vulnerabilities of the group, and the space and things around us. By engaging in myriad devising techniques, students will build a piece of theatre from the ground up, working thoughtfully and through instinct, with a final performance capping the process. No acting experience required, but a sense of adventure is.


Day 00

July 14th

Departure from home country with all your supplies packed.

Day 01

July 15th

Course / Residency, Tour of the hotel/city, creative workshops

Day 02

July 16th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 03

July 17th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 04

July 18th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 05

July 19th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 06

July 20th

Day trip to Seville, explore museums, the city at large within smaller groups

Day 07

July 21st

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinners, critique and showcase

Day 08

July 22nd

Trip to Granada

Day 09

July 23rd

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 10

July 24th

Trip to Cordoba

Day 11

July 25th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

*Note this schedule is subject to change due to local weather, force majeure or new opportunities that better suit the needs of the group. This will help you get an accurate picture of what your experience will be like. 

Day 12

July 26th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, prepare for final show

Day 13

July 27th

Final Show, Celebration Dinner!

Day 14

July 28th

Departure: Airport drop-off, Adiós!

Location / Site

Southern Spain is full of whitewashed villages, olive groves, lemon trees and stunning colors. The spirit

of Andalusia is one you can’t find anywhere else. There are beautiful courtyards, fountains, smells of

orange blossoms and echoes of flamenco. Carmona is a charming little town located in Sevilla, in southern Spain. The town is lined with cobbled streets lined with churches and mansions. The architectural style in Carmona is Mudejar. A market takes place weekly selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. When the moors occupied Carmona, they built walls around it and fountains and palaces within it, all of which are still visible today. 


Our trip is stationed in the town of Carmona at a grand property on the edge of the town, overlooking the Spanish countryside. The hotel is complete with interior patios, halls decorated with frescoes and Moorish gardens.

25 minutes from Seville Airport

Before you sign up

  • Transportation to Spain is not included. AIP will send you instructions for travel along with a list of supplies after registration.

  • Please let us know of your dietary restrictions and we will work with our chef to accommodate your needs. 

  • We recommend a visit to your health care provider before the trip [scheduled for a minimum of six weeks before travel]. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consider when registering.



All AIP Spain participants will arrive at Seville Airport (Seville SVQ), and be picked up by bus. Participants must arrive in Seville at the Seville Airport (Seville SVQ) by 1 PM. If departing from the USA, you would depart July 14th, the day before.


Participants will be transported by bus to and from the airport to the hotel. Our transport leaves the airport promptly at 3 PM on July 15, 2019.


Participants should schedule their return flight from Seville Airport (Seville SVQ) in the afternoon. (The hotel is a half hour away from the airport)


Airport pickup and drop-off is only for the program dates indicated. You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements and costs. If you are renting a car or would like to make other arrangements, you are welcome to arrive at the AIP location site on your own by rental car, taxi, bus, or other means.


AIP will collect flight details and alternative travel plans when you complete registration.


& Insurance


We require all participants to be in possession of a passport valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country.


U.S. Citizens do not need a visa when traveling to Spain. If you are traveling from a country that a visa is required when entering Spain, you should start the process as soon as possible after signing up.


All participants are enrolled in our international health insurance policy. We highly recommend participants enroll in travel insurance for trip cancelation and personal items. Travel insurance covers: trip delay, cancellation, or interruption due to an unforeseen event- plus lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen gear or bags. 


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