We work with the most interesting teachers and professional artists/designers and experts from around the world to teach courses in a variety of disciplines. University students and students of all ages are welcome to attend. 

-One on One instruction


-Group Critiques

-Presentations on work and process

-Open time to make and think 

Graphic Design/ Printmaking

Graphic Design: Visual communication through rich and multifaceted media

Drawing/ Painting

Painting/Drawing: Learn to paint and draw the world around you through critical skills and rigorous methods 

Sculpture/ Architecture

Architecture: Traveling immerses you in different built environments. Discuss, analyze and design spaces in different territories.

Sculpture: Construct form on site with various materials and strategies. 

Creative Writing

Book Art/Writing: Encapsulate and archive knowledge via paper and binding. Tell and respond to stories, histories and your own personal experience, imagined or real. 

Local Makers

We work with local makers, artists, designers and historians to teach courses.

Photography/ Film 

Photography/Film: Sequence in time. Learn technical skills to orient you through experiences and narratives. 

Theatre/ Perfromance

Sound/Music: Create sounds and compositions with emotional and conceptual range. 

Performance: Move through space and place with bodies, storytelling and abstraction

Textiles / Fashion

Fashion/Fibers: Fibers envelop our lives. Learn technical design skills for clothing and accessories, and learn about textile design and pattern making. 

All our teachers approach learning in different ways. The goal of our courses is to immerse attendees in the subject of their creative focus, with hands-on making, different ways of thinking, and various exercises and conversations that encourage the group and individual to reach greater understanding and output. Each teacher employs methods best suited to the site and subject. Some are more structured, with demonstrations and exercises, others lead groups more informally guiding students through processes.

"Effortless learning, experimenting, interactions with multiple people in different disciplines add to the artist as a person in terms of learning to deal with struggles in his working process and expand his horizons."

- Student, 2018


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