JUNE 2021

Provence, France:

Art / Design Lab & Residency









JUNE 7-20, 2021



FEBRUARY 14, 2020: $3,400
[if registered and paid in full by deadline]


Program Overview

Spend two magical weeks in Provence, in the charming city of Arles. This contemporary city is known for its international photography festival each summer, its streets are full of art galleries, performers, and cafes. Van Gogh completed many of his most famous paintings while living in Arles, over 300 works over a year period. The south of France is relaxing and artful. Visit the Camargue region, to see flamingo and wild horses. Take day trips to a french perfumery and Marseille. 

Connect to the land of France, spending most of the day working and relaxing. Savor authentic French culture, cuisine, and history. Meals are shared with the group. Courses meet three hours a day, and we have a midterm and final show.  Visit Marseille, St Marie la Mere, and Gravison, France with group day trips. Sign up as a student or artist resident. Courses include: Oil Painting, Photography, Creative Writing, Book Making/Printmaking, and Graphic Design

Experience Includes

14 days in Arles at a lovely boutique hotel right in the city  *Rooms are shared with other guests unless you request and pay for a private room. 

Studio and exhibition space

Private transfer and travel arrangements for flight arrival and departure.  [Flight not included in price.]

Courses: Three hours of class a day 

Residency: Shared Workspace + Internet

Critiques, Lectures, Presentations, and Workshops

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner* [excluding independent travel/work days]

Final Celebration Dinner 

Artistic Tour of Arles

Travel Guide 

Final Celebration Dinner 

International Health Insurance

Course Credit if approved by your University

*Participants sign up for one course, although collaboration with other courses is encouraged. All art and design supplies are purchased by participants before the trip. Some courses may have a lab fee for shared materials and equipment which you will pay on or before the program.

Course / Residency Outline

France is full of rich creative expression, with opulent cities, decorative interiors, and a wide range of revolutions and movements. From the impressionists to postmodernists, France continues to push and define the avant-garde. French perspectives are deeply philosophical and poetic. Our courses embody the tradition of crafts and making, alongside thinking deeply. 


Using the city and various spaces with it in as exhibition space, site-specific course space, and an innovation platform, we aim to make a variety of work, sharing and exchanging perspectives, informed by the past and present. We have two exhibition/ classroom spaces near to the hotel for classes, presentations, and residency workspace. Cross-course critique and dialogue between students and professionals is an essential component of our horizontal platform. Risk-taking and hard work are encouraged and nurtured. The French Beaux-Arts tradition had students learn painting, drawing, sculpture, and engraving, in addition to architecture. An understanding of classical and contemporary arts was essential to learning. We study the art, food, architecture, design, and culture of France with a holistic experience for all participants.


Study contemporary and traditional methods of design and art. Learn to paint, draw and design. Return home with a body of work produced, and broadened cultural perspective.

Course Topics

Provence to Palette to Plate: Gouache Painting from Life

This course will be designed to create a visual daily diary, exploring all that Provence has to offer, wonderfully observing, documenting, consuming, diving in. If we shop at the morning markets, we will use our produce as our muse and the natural light of the long summer days to capture and create. Then we will use this same produce once again to create beautiful local dishes for delicious lunches together.
We will try to explore as much of what is indigenous to the area and use this to inform our daily paintings, as well as what we make in the kitchen. Yes every day and evening will have a plan, a focus, a lesson, but if we spill the coffee or the wine we use it! We will take the wrong turn off course and explore the outcome. When in Provence!!

Creative Writing


Write your thoughts and stories with various creative prompts. Over the two week period, you will go through a series of exercises to get you thinking creatively and improve your practice. 

Oil Painting and Drawing


Learn to Oil paint in the city Van Gogh completed many of his most famous works. Arles is set on a river in southern france. With bridges, winding streets, art galleries and cafe', Arles is charming and quinticentially French. Explore, draw, paint and learn while painting in and aroud the city and its landscape. 

Graphic Design: Visualizing Place 

Through thoughtful exploration and research of Arles, students will communicate complex information through creative mapmaking and design. We will take an expansive approach to materials and process, as maps can take the form of books, posters, websites, videos, or installations. We will discuss location, time, language, visual hierarchy, and symbolism as they relate to our understanding and personal experience of place.


Arles is Internationally recognized for its Photography Festival which opens each summer. The city is full of photographers and photo art galleries year-round. Study Image-making techniques, learning to see and capture the world around you with digital and analog. This course covers how to use your camera and equipment, how to take and talk about your work, and gets into print and exhibition techniques. For beginning or advanced students. 

Printmaking / Book Art

Learn different techniques for physically making and binding books. Learn about the history and aesthetics of book art. From ancient illuminated manuscripts to conceptual artists of the present, the best book art has always been a marriage of form and content. Think, for instance, of the books made by William Blake. Great poems like The Tyger can only fully be appreciated when accompanied by the drawings, hand lettering, and bindings that Blake considered a central part of his artistic project. You have to see the poems, even feel them in order fully to understand them.


Day 00

Setpember 21

Day 01

September 22 '20

June 7, 2021

Day 02

September 23 '20

June 8, 2021

Day 03

September 24 '20

June 9, 2021

Day 04

September 25 '20

June 10, 2021

Day 05

September 26 '20


June 11, 2021

Day 06

September 27 '20


June 12, 2021

Departure from home country, suitcase packed with supplies.

Arrive in Marseilles. Greeted at the airport, take a train to Arles,  check-in, meet and greet, group dinner!

Course / Residency, tour of the city, course residency introductions. . 

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner, faculty presentations

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner, faculty presentations

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day trip.

Day 07

September 28 '20


June 13, 2021

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 08

September 29 '20


June 14, 2021

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, mid-program critique and showcase

Day 09

September 30 '20


June 15, 2021

Course / Residency, art and design making, independent lunch and dinner

Day 10

October 1, '20


June 16, 2021

Day trip. 

Day 11

October 2, '20


June 17, 2021

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 12

October 3, '20

June 18, 2021

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 13

October 4, '20

June 19, 2021

Final Show, Celebration Dinner!

*Note this schedule including dates is subject to change due to local weather, force majeure or new opportunities that better suit the needs of the group. This will help you get an accurate picture of what your experience will be like. AIP programs are non-refundable.


Day 14

October 5, '20

June 20, 2021

Departure: Airport drop-off, Bon Voyage! A bientôt!

Itinerary Sample Overview:

Day 1 - Welcome to France! Arrive at the airport and be picked up by our private transportation from the Marseilles airport to the hotel located in Arles. We will check in and relax and wait for the rest of the group to arrive, spend your afternoon relaxing and getting settled. Take a walk and chat with other guests. We have a nightly meet and greet followed by a celebration dinner. We have multi course dinners made with local produce and ingredients, and of course wine!


Day 2 - Wake up in Arles and walk to breakfast. We will gather in the studio space to introduce AIP and get to know the teachers, group organizers and talk about our goals for the trip and why we all came. Bring your supplies up to the classroom (all participants bring supplies with them so they are prepared to work right away) and meet with your class groups. Creative Residents can set up workspace and start working right away. Gather at 1 pm for lunch and take the afternoon to work on art, writing etc. You will have open time each day to be in the moment and share experiences with the community.


Day 3,4 & 5 - Wake up to another wonderful morning, meet for class followed by lunch and spend the afternoon working/ relaxing. Meet briefly then proceed to presentations by professors and AIP trip leaders about there work and other creative topics. Arrive to dinner excited and chatting with other guests, asking questions and learning about each other and what interests you share.


Day 6 - Spend the Day in ?????. See the city with an AIP walking tour followed by Independent opportunities. Eat out on your own. We suggest...


Day 7 - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner shared, and a Mid Term Review of work of all courses - professors and residents. Review, look, and discuss!


Day 8 - Arles exploring, seeing sites and shopping.


Day 9 - Shared meals, course sessions, group gatherings and time to create!


Day 10 - Open day to go into Arles or work. No class meetings.


Day 11 & 12 - Shared meals, course sessions, group gatherings and time to create! Prep for final show.


Day 13 - Breakfast followed by our final exhibition. Tour the studio spaces as a group to see and explore everyone's projects. Pack up your supplies and suitcases, enjoy a fantastic celebration and farewell dinner!


Day 14 - Wake up, enjoy breakfast, and ride the private transport back to depart! If you're staying longer, enjoy the rest of your trip.

The AIP Experience

The Artist Immersion Program experience is positive and friendly as our community of participants and instructors exchange ideas and support learning. Participants will spend time making art by hand, participate in lectures, conversations, and critiques- to understand the site and culture in a deep and meaningful way. We have class three hours a day and participants work independently for the rest of the day and are free to explore and relax. We plan presentations and activities where you can learn who the other teachers are, and learn more about the cultural region at large. 

We have designated time to make, enjoy planned meals, and to reflect and observe.  By making art/design while traveling, we believe you can translate your experience and explore a place in a deeply meaningful way. We travel to understand and grow with the world. On two-week trips, you have free days to explore cities and destinations independently, or with new friends.  


AIP programs are designed to include open and unstructured time. We believe that open and relaxed time is how you can experience the whole world as a learning environment. We believe in the individual experience, in listening and responding to the world. This requires quiet time to think and respond.

Arles, Provence

Provence is relaxing and known for inspiring artists from all over the world. The region is famous for lavender, perfume, and rosé. Our program is located in Arles, near to many other fantastic cities, museums and natural landscapes in Provence. We are at a bed and breakfast with comfortable rooms and communical kitchen space. 


Our programs integrate living well into daily life, enjoying the sensual qualities of each day. We value-focused time to create and reflect, balanced with elegant meals, paired with creative conversation.

Tips and Info

  • Transportation to France is not included. AIP will send you instructions for travel along with a list of supplies after registration.

  • Please let us know of your dietary restrictions and we will work with our chef to accommodate your needs.

  • We recommend a visit to your health care provider before the trip [scheduled for a minimum of six weeks before travel]. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consider when registering.

Travel /


All AIP France participants will arrive in France June 12, 2020. If departing from the USA, you would fly out on June 11th, the day before.


You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements and costs. If you are renting a car or would like to make other arrangements, you are welcome to arrive at the AIP location site on your own by rental car, taxi, bus, or other means.


AIP will collect flight details and send transportation details when you complete registration.


& Insurance


We require all participants to be in possession of a passport valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country.


U.S. Citizens do not need a visa when traveling to France. If you are traveling from a country that a visa is required when entering France, you should start the process as soon as possible after signing up.


All participants are enrolled in our international health insurance policy. We highly recommend participants enroll in travel insurance for trip cancelation and personal items. Travel insurance covers: trip delay, cancellation, or interruption due to an unforeseen event- plus lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen gear or bags. We recommend you purchase this insurance directly after signing up for the trip.



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