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Our Global Community

In each of the AIP destinations, we develop nurturing relationships with local artists, artisans, designers, and local businesses to create a respectful cultural shared experience. This emphasis is truly unique opportunity and a form of travel that is considerate to the local communities. 

What to Expect: skill, friendship, and community.

  • Exposure to a wide range of experts in a variety of disciplines from across the country and globe

  • Space to relax and think deeply about your work- while making critical progress and increasing focus

  • Collaboration with creatives from various fields and experience levels

  • A broader cultural understanding 

  • Time to learn new skills and processes

  • Lifelong friendships, skills and ways of seeing and responding to the world

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What's included on an AIP journey? Most everything.

We do our best to plan for all aspects of your trip so you don't have to spend much once you arrive. 


  • Gorgeous accommodations  

  • Communal meals: Most all meals are part of the experience. *

  • Travel days to major cities and airport pickup & drop-off for arrival and return flights [Flight not included]

  • Travel guide and tips to trip locations for art, culture, design, and cuisine

  • Three credits for all university students with approval from home university. You can work with your institution to obtain credit, your work on the trip will be worth 3+ credit hours. AIP does not issue transcripts at this time. 

  • International travel insurance

  • Cultural presentations / workshops

  • Critiques, open studios, and exhibition in incredible spaces

*unless otherwise noted on the trip details

What to Expect

Arrive in a new city + country with a group of amazing people and learn and improve on skills. Take a course in a topic or work as an artist in residence. We work with the most interesting teachers and professional artists/ designers and experts from around the world to help you grow. University Students and professionals of all ages are welcome to attend.

Programs include housing, airport transfers, most meals (unless otherwise noted in specific destination details) except travel days and cultural / design / art instruction. We have lots of open time to make and reconnect and be inspired by the world around you. We study cultures with hands-on learning. 


We stay at incredible locations, travel with experts and encourage participants to grow on each trip. We travel to study the world and learn from it. We strive for a greater cultural understanding of the world, and for excellence in skill building and creative thinking. 


What you will do and learn. 

Each program is unique in the array of culture, architecture, landscape, artistic community and inspiration. Each itinerary will offer you time for your creative pursuits and time to explore your inner creativity and the environment of the place. This is a time for nurturing your personal growth with conversation, critique, collaboration, and celebrate each day in a communal setting whether it be during a meal, social time, or structured course work.

You are encouraged to let your mind and feet meander on the grounds of the unique accommodations and into the local communities. Explore the time and place from the local cuisine to the special events such as art exhibitions.

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“The relationships I created were the best part of the AIP experience. I came home with more knowledge about myself.”

― 2019


“It was enchanting to make art in an open-air structure in the French countryside. Our days were filled with talk and laughter, while learning from a calm and inspiring instructor. Being part of the AIP group helped me find new directions in my practice. ”

― Cooper

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