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Gouache Painting

This painting class is dedicated to learning to see and to heighten one’s sensitivity to their wonderful home environments, through looking at your living spaces and searching for paintings to be made from life. Using the techniques of Gouache and Alla-Prima, self-rediscovery about what makes you paint certain spaces and the power of light and objects that they hold is a goal.

Instruction in English.

If these dates don't work for you, join the waitlist for the next session to be announced which may be a different day and/or time of the week.

Program Dates: 

Dates:  TBA

Takes place every week via Zoom                                

A total of 6 sessions 

Max 15 participants                                    

THURSDAYS:  6pm-8:45pm EST   

office hour weekly Mondays 12-1pm EST                            

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What you will do and learn. 


Students will learn how to compose sound simple paintings to get their idea across to the viewer. They will learn basic perspective and compositional rules. By the end of the class students will be able to create quick highly impactful paintings of things they see in their home environment. 


This class will help students to become more aware and attuned to their environment and their own personal aesthetics. In the beginning of this course we will brush off on composition, color mixing and journaling ideas and figuring out one’s personal aesthetic appreciation. With each class we will become more and more attuned to what we find beautiful at home and what time of the day as well as which objects attract the most attention and why.

  • how to compose a painting

  • perspective

  • learning clock method to determine angles and vanishing lines

  • alla-prima method of painting 

  • to create an atmosphere and to translate the complexity of your home into a simply organized sketch/study/painting

  • to learn features of gouache painting in the limited, light changing time 

  • to learn to be selective as to what to include and to leave out from the final painting (decisions will depend on your own personal aesthetics, limitations of time, confinements of your home space)

  • learning to work with color, value and proportion 

  • learning to work quick and decisively 

  • learning to appreciate the value of quantity of work, over the quality

No matter what time zone you are in this course will encourage you to look at your space with natural and artificial lighting. Participants will be painting during the class all together while Ellina will have demos from life.  We will be using the lighting we have at home during the evenings, and during the week as homework each participant will be trying variety of lighting situations during the day and the early evening, seeing what you like the best.


About Ellina 

Ellina Chetverikova was born in Severodonetsk, Ukraine. She had developed a fascination with drawing and painting at a very young age. After completing music and art school in Ukraine one of her biggest dreams was to study and live in the United States. She came to the USA to study at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, OH which she completed in 2012, and Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, completed in 2014. Throughout the years Ellina had taught at the Art academy of Cincinnati, Rochester Institute of Technology, and at DAAP University of Cincinnati. Ellina received an honor of completing a one-year Residency at the Manifest Gallery and Drawing center where she taught private and group classes in 2017. She was awarded Jentel Artist Residency in Wyoming, in the early 2020. Ellina has exhibited her work around Europe and the United States.



Suggested Reading:


The Artist’s way 
by Julia Cameron

Art and Fear

by David Bayles

Lagom, Not too little, not too Much

by Niki Brantmark

Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Oil Painting Secrets from a Master

by Linda Cateura

Be Here Now 

by Ram Dass

window tunnel small.jpg

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing--and keeping the unknown always beyond you.” 


― Georgia O’Keeffe

Course Details and Pricing

This incredible opportunity to work with Ellina is limited to 15 participants who will receive a private zoom link for the weekly sessions.

Beginning January 14 you will have 6 private zoom sessions with the small class setting and weekly office hour option on Mondays.

Final critique is a private personal response from Ellina after you have completed your work and communicated with her.

PRICE: $899


Other course information:

Course supplies:

Students are required to have all required materials on hand by the start of the course. Students are welcome to use other water soluble materials like acrylics or watercolors. Upon registration, students will receive complete supply list and other pre-course requirements.  

Experience needed?

No experience is needed for this course. Most importantly is a curiosity and passion for learning as well as willingness to view your home environment from different perspectives.

Required reading:

Once you are registered for the course, you will have the full material from the instructor that will include reading that should be completed prior to the start of the course. This reading will prepare you for the material so that each course session will be efficient and productive for all.

Recommended preparation:

Ellina highly recommends that each participant prior to the start of the course watch films of Andrei Tarkovsky for composition decisions and representation of the interior spaces in film:

  • Sacrifice

  • Stalker

  • Nostalgia 

  • Solaris


If you can visit your local art museum or find one that has an online exhibition, look for  pieces that were done inside in the home environment and any drawings or paintings of interiors. Keep notes for discussion of the artists and years of completion, as well as your favorite qualities of those paintings and things you dislike/disagree with both conceptually and formally.


Most importantly Ellina recommends covid-safe walks outside, particularly a park if possible, to take breaks from your homes so that you can come back and see everything with fresh eyes. Take a sketchbook with you in case the idea or a special thought visits you. You always need to be ready to receive it.

Aug 05, 7:00 PM
Siena, Italy

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