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March 31, 2020, 9:00:00 PM

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Program Manager

The Program Manager will gain an in-depth understanding of the AIP brand, experience, and values in order to design and execute immersive travel experiences for artists and creatives of all types. The Program Manager will deliver unique and successful experiences that increase participation, engagement, brand awareness, and revenue.

The Program Manager must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong sense of adventure, and open to different and unique experiences. The Program Manager must be highly organized, detail oriented, outgoing, personable, self-motivated, and work well independently and in a team setting.

Primary Responsibilities
Design trip and workshop itineraries for both domestic and international destinations; itineraries will range between 2-14 days for small groups
Collaborate with local culture experts to create authentic, immersive, and culture centric experiences and excursions
Work jointly with local government officials to better understand and adhere to local customs, laws, rules, expectations, traditions, etc.
Manage online course program; set course schedules, coordinate with instructors, ensure website reflects changes/updates, and registration setup
Compose intriguing and engaging trip and workshop descriptions to be displayed on website, social media, marketing materials, and advertisements
Coordinate and collaborate with Marketing Manager as needed
Source, book, and confirm accommodations, catering, and dining experiences
Secure spacious and sufficient workspaces either at or within close proximity of confirmed accommodation for instructor(s) and students
Coordinate with and communicate expectations and requirements to vendors, suppliers, instructors, and trip leaders
Track registrations, trip participant capacity, and engagement to create reports for AIP leadership
Develop and adhere to travel budget, track travel expenses, reconcile travel costs, and provide travel statement reports
Arrange ground transportation for participants, instructors, and AIP team members
Establish relationships with museums, art centers, and galleries
Create and/or improve upon program development and planning templates
Collaborate and coordinate with Marketing Manager for cohesive and strategically efficient marketing campaigns
Excellent communication, writing, interpersonal and organizational skills. Ability to write and design programs, make magic happen and get people excited
A networker, connecting people places and ideas

Preferred Experience
Previous hospitality, tourism, and event management experience, 1+ year, is required
Previous experience in university, travel, and/or arts are a plus

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism (or similar) is a plus, however, 3+ years’ experience in hospitality, tourism, travel, and/or event management is an acceptable alternative


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