Carmona, Spain:

Art / Design / Music Lab & Residency



DATE: JULY 10-23, 2020



FEBRUARY 14, 2020: $3,400
[if registered and paid in full by deadline]


Program Overview

Live in the whitewashed and relaxed city of Carmona in southern Spain for a magical two weeks. AIP Spain is set at a beautiful historic property right in historic Carmona. We have studio space, courtyards, exhibition space and ample time to explore the city and culture of Andalusia. Arrive in Carmona and spend the day at the pool before sharing tapas and an aperitif followed by a celebration dinner with Spanish food and wine. Share time between the hotel, studio space and the city of Carmona.

Wake up to a lovely breakfast at the hotel, have class or head to the studio workspace. Our lunches and dinners are shared dining experiences set at the hotel and in local restaurants. Multi-course meals encourage you to relax and take time to enjoy each moment of the day. We have day trips into Seville, known for opera and incredible architecture, along with Cordoba, famous for its mosque cathedral and charming labyrinthian neighborhoods.

Classes are three hours a day, and participants relax and work the rest of the day. A bus, cab or uber can get you to Seville in around thirty minutes. We have a mid-program and final exposition to showcase work to the entire group. Along the way, faculty and program leaders make presentations on work and their course topics, to inspire and give a greater cultural context to Spain. Each day is full of creative conversation, encouraging you to relax and energize your creative pursuits.

The town of Carmona is excited for our group to be visiting each summer! We work in partnership with the town of Carmona, using the town hall as exhibition space and cultural arts center as studio space. We engage with the community and local makers and artists, inviting locals to dine with us and work with local artists to do our final exhibition and showcase.

Experience Includes

Hotel Accommodations

AIP Designed Experience

AIP group leader and Travel Guide 

Artistic, Curated Tour of Carmona 


Visits to Local Museums and Cultural Sites

Meals included: Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners * Except on travel days 

Studio and exhibition space

Airport pickup and drop-off for arrival and return flights [Flight not included in price.]

Final Exhibition open to the Public

Critiques, Lectures, Presentations, and Workshops

International Health Insurance 

Course Credit if approved by your University

Course / Residency Outline

We offer various courses in art and design in Carmona, Spain. Our group will travel to museums and cultural sites to understand the broad historical context of Spanish art. Spain is known for painting, pottery, dance, cuisine, and leatherwork. AIP will offer workshops with local masters.  


Courses and residency space will be held at the Carmona Cultural Arts Center studio's, a local castle, courtyards in town and the city at large. We have designated studio space with sinks, electricity, and air conditioning. Many classes meet in the city to draw, paint and discuss in the cultural environment. 


Using exhibition space in the city, a municipal exhibition space,  site-specific course space, courses will run for three hours a day. Students are expected to work on projects outside of class time. Meals are shared at the hotel and at local restaurants. Residents can work on their own schedule and use the space there projects require. 

Spanish art is open and expressive. Dance, music, sculpture, and architecture communicate a wide range of human experience. The idiosyncratic masterworks of Greco, the Golden Age of Velazquez, the art of Goya, and the innovative works of Picasso, Dali and Miró are wide-ranging and powerful. We aim to make a variety of work, sharing and exchanging perspectives, informed by the past and present. Cross-course critique and dialogue between students and professionals is an essential component of our horizontal platform. Risk-taking and hard work are encouraged and nurtured. Study contemporary and traditional methods of design and art. Return home with a body of work produced, and broadened cultural perspective.

Course Topics: 

Painting and Drawing

In this drawing and painting class, we will work both in the field and in the studio while exploring the amazing visual juxtapositions that Carmona has to offer.  Students will explore composition, color theory, and various methodologies of image-making which will help the students create an engaging body that will express their newly formed relationship with Spain.


Explore the boundaries between still photography, filmmaking, and documentation – with a project orientation so that each participant ends the two-week program giving the premiere of their own created short film at a final screening event. We share our favorite clips in cinema history, to deepen our understanding of the visual language. Experiment and lay the groundwork for character development through documentary interviews, literary readings, and movement studies. Pre-production planning, and pre-visualization from storyboards to rough draft camerawork, lead into a supervised collaborative shoot, then intensive editing, and a completed work of art.

Photography and Collage

This course uses photography and collage as foundations for constructing compelling visual narratives. Students will explore and express their experiences in Carmona beginning with basic drawing and photography exercises, moving on to incorporate the use of text and found objects to add layers of meaning and time. The course will culminate in the development of a personal narrative using mixed media. This course is ideal for students interested in honing their skills in photography, comics, collage, creative writing or place-based art. 

Sculpture / Architecture

Investigate texture, scale, architecture, and material in Carmona through sculptural investigations situated in the context of Carmona. Each student is expected to research sensual qualities which guide a personal and conceptual investigation, making several interventions in the city. Projects, in any media, including writing, architecture, outdoor installations, drawing, and painting, are developed based on these personal histories layered with contemporary real-time experience of the landscape surrounding Carmona


Study Fashion in the cultural context of Carmona and Andalusia. Learn to design and construct garments, source local fabric and make several pieces. Participate in workshops with local craftspeople in Carmona learning Macrame and how to make Flamenco dresses. 

Graphic Design / Printmaking

With Andalucia as your backdrop, students will unpack and analyze the spectacular visual languages of Spain, find inspiration and fresh ideas by studying the region's renowned classical art and architecture, and consider how—through collaboration and personal reflection—historical forms, artisan techniques, and eternal questions may be renewed, reinterpreted, and reinvigorated for the 21st century. A new space changes your process, a new process changes your work, and in doing so, you will hone your craft, refine technique, and discover new ways of approaching, thinking about, and working with design and typography.


Day 00

July 9th

Departure from home country with all your supplies packed.

Day 01

July 10th

Course / Residency, Tour of the hotel/city, meet and greet, celebration dinner, AIP overview

Day 02

July 11th

Tour of Carmona, Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 03

July 12th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, teacher presentations

Day 04

July 13th

Course / Residency, art and design making, lunch/dinner,  teacher presentations

Day 05

July 14th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 06

July 15th

Day trip to Seville, explore museums, the city at large within smaller groups. Explore the city with friends. 

Day 07

July 16th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner

Day 08

July 17th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner, Mid Program critique, and showcase

Day 09

July 18th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal lunch/dinner, 

Day 10

July 19th

Trip to Cordoba. 

Explore the city with friends

Day 11

July 20th

Course / Residency, art and design making, communal dinner, workshop, and presentations

Day 12

July 21st

Course / Residency, art and design making, lunch/dinner, Final 2D Show

Day 13

July 22nd

Relax, pack, Final Theatre Show, Celebration Dinner!

*Note this schedule including dates is subject to change due to local weather, force majeure or new opportunities that better suit the needs of the group. This will help you get an accurate picture of what your experience will be like. AIP programs are non-refundable.

Day 14

July 23rd

Departure: Airport drop-off, Adiós!

Itinerary Sample Overview:

Day 1 - Welcome to Spain! Arrive at the airport and meet your private transfer to take you from Sevilla to Carmona. Check in at the hotel and relax in the courtyard with a beverage, or take a dip in the saltwater pool. Spend the afternoon relaxing and getting settled. Gather to meet the group that evening and head for an aperitif and tapas. Meet the rest of the group and head to a celebration dinner enjoying local cuisine and Andalusian wine.


Day 2 - Wake up in Andalucia and enjoy a breakfast with cafe con lecce, fresh fruit, sweets, eggs, yogurt, toast and other regional specialties. We will all gather to introduce AIP; get to know the teachers, students, residents, and group organizers. Bring your supplies up to the classroom (all participants bring supplies with them so they are prepared to work right away) and meet with your class groups. Creative Residents can set up workspace and start working right away. Gather at 1 pm for lunch and take the afternoon to work on art, writing etc. You will have open time each day to be in the moment and share experiences with the community. We will discuss our goals and objectives for the trip, building trust and focus for our journey together. Spend the afternoon relaxing and reflecting. Gather for tapas and another multi-course dinner.


Day 3 - Enjoy a morning in class, in town, or at the studio space. Courses will meet each morning for three hours, and instructors will give assignments you can work outside of class. Creative residents will dive into projects. We will all take a tour of Carmona with a local guide to get to know local landmarks, and other important sites.


Day 4 & 5 - Wake up to another wonderful morning, meet for class followed by lunch and spend the afternoon working/ relaxing. Meet for an aperitif followed by presentations by professors and AIP trip leaders about there work and other creative topics. Arrive to dinner excited and chatting with other guests, asking questions and learning about each other and what interests you share.


Day 6 - Spend the Day in Seville. See the city with an AIP walking tour followed by independent opportunities. Eat out on your own.


Day 7 - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Shared with more aperitifs, and a Mid Term Review of work of all courses, professors and residents. Review, look and discuss!


Day 8 - Visit Cordoba exploring the charming city's Jewish quarter, UNESCO world heritage mosque, and many shopping opportunities. Traces to Siena exploring, seeing sites and shopping. Look out for the local flags of the neighborhoods!


Day 9 - Shared meals, course sessions, group gatherings and time to create! Visit archaelogical ruins in town.


Day 10 - Open day to work and relax. You can take an independent trop to Seville or other nearby location. No class meetings.


Day 11 & 12 - Shared meals, course sessions, group gatherings and time to create! Prep for final show.


Day 13 - Breakfast followed by our final exhibition. Tour the exhibit as a group to see and explore everyones projects. Pack up your supplies and suitcases, enjoy a fantastic celebration and farewell dinner!


Day 14 - Wake up, enjoy breakfast and ride the private transport back to Roma to depart! If your staying longer, enjoy the rest of your trip.

The AIP Experience

The Artist Immersion Program experience is positive and friendly as our community of participants and instructors exchange ideas and support learning. Participants will spend time making art by hand, participate in lectures, conversations, and critiques- to understand the site and culture in a deep and meaningful way. We have class three hours a day and participants work independently for the rest of the day and are free to explore and relax. We plan presentations and activities where you can learn who the other teachers are, and learn more about the cultural region at large.  

​On AIP Spain we want to expose you to the beauty and culture of Andalucia southern Spain. We have exhibition space, group meals, day trips and other activities arranged to give you opportunities to engage with locals and local art forms, and have time to make and create.

We have designated time to make, enjoy planned meals, to reflect and observe.  By making art/design while traveling, we believe you can translate your experience and explore a place in a deeply meaningful way. We travel to understand and grow with the world. On two-week trips, you have free days to explore cities and destinations independently, or with new friends.  


AIP programs are designed to include open and unstructured time. We believe that open and relaxed time is how you can experience the whole world as a learning environment. We believe in the individual experience, in listening and responding to the world. This requires quiet time to think and respond.

Carmona, Andalusia

Southern Spain is full of whitewashed villages, olive groves, lemon trees, and stunning colors. The spirit

of Andalusia is one you can’t find anywhere else. There are beautiful courtyards, fountains, smells of

orange blossoms and echoes of flamenco. Carmona is a charming little town located in Sevilla, in southern Spain. The town is lined with cobbled streets lined with churches and mansions. The architectural style in Carmona is Mudejar. A market takes place weekly selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. When the moors occupied Carmona, they built walls around it and fountains and palaces within it, all of which are still visible today. 


Our trip is stationed in the town of Carmona at a grand property on the edge of the town, overlooking the Spanish countryside. The hotel is complete with interior patios, halls decorated with frescoes and Moorish gardens. There is a lovely pool to enjoy during your stay. 

AIP Spain is located 25 minutes from the Seville Airport.

Travel Tips

  • Transportation to Spain is not included. AIP will send you instructions for travel along with a list of supplies after registration.

  • Please let us know of your dietary restrictions and we will work with our chef to accommodate your needs. 

  • We recommend a visit to your health care provider before the trip [scheduled for a minimum of six weeks before travel]. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consider when registering.



All AIP Spain participants will arrive at Seville Airport (Seville SVQ), and be picked up by our private ground transportation. Participants must arrive in Seville at the Seville Airport (Seville SVQ) by 1 PM. If departing from the USA, you would depart July 9th, the day before.


Participants will be transported by bus to and from the airport to the hotel. Our transport leaves the airport promptly at 3 PM. If you arrive early, you can easily take a taxi to the hotel on your own. 


Participants should schedule their return flight from Seville Airport (Seville SVQ) in the afternoon/ late morning. (The hotel is a half-hour away from the airport)


Airport pickup and drop-off are only for the program date indicated. You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements and costs. If you are renting a car or would like to make other arrangements, you are welcome to arrive at the AIP location site on your own by rental car, taxi, bus, or other means.


AIP will collect flight details and alternative travel plans when you complete registration.


& Insurance


We require all participants to be in possession of a passport valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country.


U.S. Citizens do not need a visa when traveling to Spain. If you are traveling from a country that a visa is required when entering Spain, you should start the process as soon as possible after signing up.


All participants are enrolled in our international health insurance policy. We highly recommend participants enroll in travel insurance for trip cancelation and personal items. Travel insurance covers: trip delay, cancellation, or interruption due to an unforeseen event- plus lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen gear or bags. 



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