Oaxaca, Mexico

gastronomy and artisans of Mexico in this cherished city

Program Overview

Program Dates: September 24 - October 1, 2021

This spirited place in southern Mexico is a bastion of indigenous culture and home to Mexico's most vibrant art and craft scene. Indulge in all senses here with savory colors and cuisine. This colonial city offers insights into a long heritage and contemporary life.


Maximum participation is 9.

Extend your time with AIP and join us for another week in Mexico City.

Trip Highlights

Trip highlights include:

– Art gallery tour

– Bike tour featuring street art

– Day trip to Monte Alban, Arrazola, Coyotepec and Cuilapam

– Food exploration and cooking class

– Insight into local artisans and craft



This trip is limited to nine people*


Meals included: Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners * Except on travel days


Our Oaxaca Community

Handcraft and artisans is the epitome of the community you will find here.

Suggested Reading:


The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote

by Tony Johnston, Tomie dePaola (Illustrator)


Visions of the Emerald City: Modernity, Tradition, and the Formation of Porfirian Oaxaca, Mexico

by Mark Overmyer-Velázquez 


Oaxaca Al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy

by Diana Kennedy

Colorful Graffiti

“El que con lobos anda, a aullar se enseña.”


Translation: He who runs with wolves will learn to howl.

Your experience

The word magical is often used to describe Oaxaca which is considered a bastion of indigenous culture as well as the most vibrant crafts and art scene. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre in southern region of Mexico, you'll find a long history of indigenous culture combined with contemporary life. Majestic churches and  plazas have been designated by Unesco World Heritage. From the street art to architecture, to bohemian vibe of cafes and the calmness of the historical sites, you'll be truly inspired by the 'magic' of place.


What you will do and learn. 

An immersion in the handcraft of Mexico is diverse from culinary to textile. This creative cultural immersion will give you a variety of aspects that make Mexico and Mexico City an amazing layering of old and new.

Colorful Threads
Image by analuisa gamboa

Where we stay:

We will stay at a lovely boutique hotel. Although this is a small group experience, you'll have a private room to retreat to at the end of the day.


Program Itinerary

DAY 1 - Travelers arrive in Oaxaca, meet at hotel. 

Meet in the evening for a welcome drink and group dinner. 

DAY 2 - Oaxaca is a magical city because the skies are deep blue in the heart of the valley while women in embroidered huipiles, colorful houses, flowers on the trees, parades and local people garnish the streets. And then there's the street art. Over four hours, we will be cycling around 3 neighborhoods of the city visiting interesting spots, art workshops and of course, street art. They are everywhere: big murals, stencils, posters. Oaxacan Artists are abundant and very talented. It's like visiting an outdoor museum. During the ride we will have time to share a local and organic drink or snack.


Afternoon exploring on foot using the inspiration from our morning introduction.


Tonight we'll explore the gastronomy of place in a market and street food tour. In this tour, we will visit the most representative food market stalls and vendors. Learn about key ingredients and their culinary uses. Discover cooking techniques through taste!


DAY 3 - Today we embark on an artisan journey on a day trip with a variety of sights to see such as Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad with an entrance intricately carved in a baroque style and the San Bartolo Coyotepec Process of making black clay as well as Teotitlan del Valle where we will see the process of making wool rugs, painted with natural dyes.



DAY 4 - Flavors of Oaxaca is our theme today with a traditional cooking class. In the afternoon, we will explore a variety of the local museums or choose to do your artwork poolside.


DAY 5 - Our emphasis today is Art Galleries where we will explore a variety of spaces. Did you see something on a walk that you want to return? Have you been inspired by a building or garden? This is a chance to create art this afternoon with your sketchbook, camera, or plein-air.


DAY 6 - Today we embark on a day trip to see the landscape and historical sites from the mountaintop pyramids of Monte Alban to the Cuilapam Convent on the valley floor, learn all about the rich history of Oaxaca Valley on this guided full-day trip by coach. Discover the Zapotec pyramids and excavated ruins of UNESCO-listed Monte Alban, admire the mystical wood carvings of San Antonio Arrazola and meet resident artisans in San Bartolo Coyotepec, a town known for its beautiful black pottery.

Evening Group dinner


DAY 7 - Enjoy breakfast and a casual start to the day to share the work you've created with your fellow travelers. What has resonated with you in this dynamic place? This is your chance to go back to the spot you wish you had stopped a bit longer or make plans to explore shops, museums, and artistic endeavors before departure. Optional afternoon exploration of the famous botanical garden - The Jardin Etnobotanico DeOaxaca.

Final Group dinner

DAY 8 - Depart AIP Oaxaca with fond farewells or choose to extend your trip and join us for a week in Mexico City. Ask about our concierge services if you choose to stay in Oaxaca another day to book any additional activity.

*Note this schedule including dates is subject to change due to local weather, force majeure or new opportunities that better suit the needs of the group. This will help you get an accurate picture of what your experience will be like. AIP programs are non-refundable, due to the advanced planning required to make trips possible. We plan every detail to make sure our stay is excellent in every way. 

Trip Details and Pricing

This experience includes almost everything you need on the trip.


Cherish your time in this charming place with a small group while you have your own private room to retire to at the end of the day.

Maximum participation is 9 and you'll be joined by an AIP team member.


Other trip details:

Early history:


"Between approximately 1500 and 500 B.C., the Zapotecan city of San José Mogote in what is now the state of Oaxaca was the largest and most important settlement in the region. Historians estimate that during the pre-colonial period, Oaxaca was home to 16 separate cultures, each with its own language, customs and traditions. However the Zapotecas and Mixtecas constituted the largest and most sophisticated societies with villages and farmlands located throughout the region.

Did you know? The Zapoteca were skilled in astronomy and excavation, and leveled the top of a local mountain around 450 B.C. and created the ceremonial center now called Monte Albán. One of the most densely populated cities in Mesoamerica, Monte Albán is estimated to have had 18,000 Zapotecan residents at its peak." (history.com)

Other cool things to do: 

OAXACA'S ETHNOBOTANICAL GARDEN is a botanical garden in Mexico that sits on 2.32 acres of the former monastic grounds of the Church of Santo Domingo. Officially opened in 1998, this ethnobotanic garden is an example of Oaxaca’s unparalleled biodiversity, particularly its cacti variations. More information.

Travel Arrangements:

AIP will email you when it is time to get your ticket. We will allow much planning in advance, and will this email ninety or more days before your trip. We will send more specific details once you sign up for the trip. You will be met at the airport, and we will all go to the hotel together. 


You'll experience moderate temperatures in this area in fall. The evenings do cool off.

AIP Oaxaca 2021
Sep 24, 7:00 PM

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