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Pasta Vongole

20 Minutes

1 Servings


Linguine with Clams from Babbo, via Bill Buford "Heat"

Pasta Vongole


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How to make

From Heat :

...begin by roasting small pinches of garlic and chili flakes and medium pinches of onion and pancetta in a hot pan with olive oil. Hot oil accelerates the cooking process, and the moment everything gets soft you pour it away (holding back the contents with your tongs) and add a slap of butter and a splash of white wine, which stops the cooking. This is stage one.


In Stage two, you drop the pasta in boiling water and take your messy buttery pan and fill it with a big handful of clams and put it on the highest possible flame. The objective is to cook them fast--they'll start opening after three or four minutes, when you give the pan a swirl, mixing the shellfish juice with the buttery porky white wine emulsion. At six minutes and thirty
seconds, use your tongs to pull your noodles out and drop them into your pan--all that starchy pasta water slopping in with them is still a good thing; give the pan another swirl; flip it; swirl it again to ensure the pasta is covered by the sauce. If it looks dry, add another splash of pasta water; if too wet, pour some out. You let the whole thing cook away for another half minute or so, swirling, swirling, until the sauce streaks across the bottom of the pan, splash with olive
oil and sprinkle with parsley: dinner.


Serves 1

  • olive oil

  • small pinch chopped garlic

  • small pinch red chili flakes

  • medium pinch finely chopped onion

  • medium pinch pancetta

  • "slap of butter" (a couple tablespoons)

  • "splash of white wine" (1/4, perhaps)

  • 4 ounces pasta

  • 1 big handfuls clams (cockles, the little ones, are preferred)

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