What is the Program Experience Like?

The Artist Immersion Program experience is positive and friendly as our community of participants and instructors exchange ideas and support learning. Our participants, teachers and program leaders are enthusiastic and passionate about the world. Every program varies and is designed to help you be inspired by and develop your creative/cultural understanding and imagination. Participants will spend time making art by hand, participate in lectures, conversations, and critiques- to understand the site and culture in a deep and meaningful way. We work with the most interesting teachers and professional artists/designers and experts from around the world. We believe international learning, and conceptual skill-based learning at a high level should be available to all. 


We have designated time to make, enjoy planned meals, and to reflect and observe. Every Artist Immersion Program is different and is designed to help you uncover the culture and type of work on which you are focused. By making art/design while traveling, we believe you can translate your experience and explore a place in a deeply meaningful way. We travel to understand and grow with the world.


On two-week trips, you have free days to explore cities and destinations independently, or with new friends. We help you plan your trip, with packing notes, travel tips and preparing your supplies for making. AIP programs are designed to include open and unstructured time. We believe that open and relaxed time is how you can experience the whole world as a learning environment. We believe in the individual experience, in listening and responding to the world. This requires quiet time to think and respond. We hope participants are able to listen to themselves, and draw, write, paint, and make from a place within themselves. If you prefer a trip to be structured at every moment and are not open to adventure and spontaneity, and if you are looking for a highly structured trip, AIP may not be the right fit for you. However, we can assist you in creating your own custom trip and can coordinate any level of structure you may be seeking.

What type of Instruction is offered in a course?

All our teachers approach learning in different ways. The goal of our courses is to immerse attendees in the subject of their creative focus, with hands on making, different ways of thinking, and various exercises and conversations that encourage the group and individual to reach greater understanding and output. Each teacher employs methods best suited to the site and subject. Some are more structured, with demonstrations and exercises, others lead groups more informally guiding students through processes.

How many classes can I take on a program? 

Per program you can take one class. This allows you to focus on one topic. Through creative presentations and interaction with other courses, we encourage participants to engage with and learn from other courses, and cross over whenever possible. Students, with the instructors permission, may sit in on another class, meet with other instructors and present work in other classes. This builds dialogue and encourages students to ask questions and learn outside the classroom space. 

How does credit work 

AIP courses are rigorous and absolutely worth university credit. Teachers are faculty members at notable universities around the US / Globe, or local masters/ professionals on location on each site. Most students receive credit through speaking to their home college office, or study abroad office to get independent study approval in the semester they attend an AIP program, or in the following semester. This gives the student the opportunity to share their transformative experience with the community at large- through an exhibition, presentation, conversation, website, book- fashion show, in whatever format they choose. 


AIP does not issue transfer credits at this time, and see’s this as an opportunity for students to approach learning proactively, taking ownership of there experience and education. We will help you through this process. Each school has different rules and processes. 

Who attends AIP programs?

All types of people participate in our programs. People from a range of age groups have participated in our courses. From university students to professionals, and those new to the field. People sign up from around the world. Diverse groups of people make learning dynamic, with multiple perspectives drawing insight and inspiration from many places. Spending time with interesting people, making new friends, experiencing the world, and learning together, provide a unique support system for all participants. Note: All participants must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by a guardian.

We are unable to share info about other participants before the trip, for privacy reasons. Most travelers are curious friendly and have a sense of adventure and love learning. 

What is included in a program fee?

Each AIP program is a bit different depending on the location. We make every effort to include all costs in your fees, so there are no large expenses once on the trip. This allows you to focus on your experience, without worrying about details, etc. We collect fees in US dollars. Flights are not included as participants arrive to locations and sites from various places around the world. All participants are enrolled in CISI international health insurance plans. You will be sent your health insurance care before the start date of the trip. Any personal purchases during the experience or supplies for the course are not included as well as any personal extracurricular activities outside of the program itinerary on your free time.

Travel Visa’s

You are responsible for obtaining your own visa, and we can share resources with you. This process depends on your country requirements, your destination and other requirements. 


Food is important to us! We believe in eating the best food possible while traveling. This is a way we can understand the culture and place on a deeper level. We offer all or most* meals except on independent travel days, allowing you to discover new places and tastes in cities we visit. The quality of food is an important selection criteria for each hotel, chateau and villa used for an AIP program. We have catered to gluten free participants, and will make every effort to accommodate the needs of diet, health and safety. We accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and other dietary restrictions. In locations where we eat out, participants can check out the menus to see what items are best for them.
* Please make sure to check the destination itinerary for any fluctuation in the meal inclusion.

Where we stay

We select the most inspiring places for our program sites, from a palace or chateau, to a villa or cool hotel. Each location is different and depends on the type of trip. In most cases, rooms are shared. Sometimes private rooms are available for participants. Sharing rooms is in the spirit of community and dialogue. If single rooms are available, you can pay an extra fee specific to your location. In some cases, you can bring your family with you on the trip. If you are under the age of 18, you need a guardian to accompany you. Please note that in certain destinations the style or space of the room may be different than customary standards in Western hospitality such as in Japan for example where beds may be closer together or a traditional Tatami mat room might be on your bucket list.

Airport Transfers

For most programs, we offer airport transfers and transportation for the group to the site. When staying in cities we give instructions for a cab or individual arrangements to get to the site. When we collect your flight information we can link you to other travelers so you can share a ride. If our location is more remote, we always arrange transportation for the group. If you do not arrive in time for our group departure, you are responsible for getting to the site on your own. The app ‘Rome To Rio’ is our favorite for looking at international transportation options.

How to register:

1) Select your preferred program and scroll to the bottom of the page or click the Registration button.

2) Complete the required forms and agree to our terms and conditions. 

3) Connect to your membership profile page and update your personal details to share with others on the same immersion program or connect with our other members including teachers and alumni.
4) Once you have membership access you will have private link to your program travel page which will include information on the process like when and how to book your flight, packing lists, pre trip to-do’s and other information about supplies etc. 


Please contact info@artistimmersionprogram.com to connect with an AIP representative. In addition, it is the traveler responsibility to review all terms and conditions and agree to them upon payment which will reserve your spot.

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