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Southern Spain

A Dream in Southern Spain: Carmona and Seville

Your Journey

Creative Residency: 

Summer 2025

Uncover Andalucia with a relaxing stay in Carmona, one of Spain’s oldest towns, set in the countryside right outside Seville. Learn through experience and immersion with a context in this insight vacation. Daily art workshops in painting, drawing, and artisan design stimulate your imagination and hands-on skill-building. Ignite your creative passions and regenerate your spirit.

Spend two magical weeks in the relaxed city of Carmona, right outside of Seville. Here, you will experience the richness of Southern Spain: where sensual traditions are as ancient as the sun-kissed earth, and where olive oil and wine, an intrinsic part of life, are enjoyed throughout the day. Carmona, an ancient and quiet town, is right outside of Seville, the setting for most of the world’s well-known operas, including The Barber of Seville and Carmen.


Art Immersions Carmona is set at a beautiful historic property right in the city center so that we may participate and integrate into the community in meaningful ways. We have studio space, courtyards, and exhibition rooms, with ample time to explore this welcoming Andalusian city. Each day, you will wake up to a lovely breakfast at the hotel and, depending on your course of study, have class or head to the studio. Our meals are shared dining experiences set at the hotel and in local restaurants. Multi-course dinners encourage you to relax and take time to enjoy the exquisite local cuisine.


There are day trips into Seville, known for its incredible architecture, along with Cordoba, famous for its mosque-cathedral and charming labyrinthian neighborhoods. The quiet and quaint setting means you can make and learn in peace—observing ancient structures and scenes while listening to courtyard waterfalls and the sounds of local life.

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– Residence at a lovely historic hotel in the center of Carmona, the quaint village right outside of Seville


– Insider tours of works of art and architecture including local museums, historic sites and artisan studios


– Excursion to Seville, the grand city of cultural and dramatic arts

– Guided tours of Carmona

– Studio and exhibition space in the city center; exhibition opportunities at City Hall

– Culinary experiences at local restaurants, famous for tapas and Andalusian wine

– Specially curated presentations and experiences by trip leaders and locals

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Day 1

– Arrivals at leisure to hotel independently or meet in Seville for private transport to the hotel in Carmona. 

– Welcome reception, aperitif and celebration dinner

– Included meals: Dinner


Day 2

– Wake up in the city center and enjoy a luxurious breakfast 

– Explore the city of Carmona on a private walking tour

 – Meet with your creative group to discuss goals and the immersion experience

– Included meals: Breakfast, & dinner


Day 3, 4 & 5

– Communal breakfast, lunch and dinner, exchanging ideas and excitement with other guests

– Workshops in art and culture with time to work or relax

– Meet for an aperitif followed by presentations by professors and AIP trip leaders about their work and creative topics 

– Included meals: Breakfast


 Day 6

– Travel to Seville for a guided tour of local artist studios and an insider's perspective on the city 

– Independently explore the city and share meals with new friends in town

– Included meals: Breakfast 


 Day 7

– Mid program review of your work in a community setting 

– Explore your work while we host a mid term exhibition of your project at the studio and in the city at large, setting future goals to reach on the trip and reflecting in creative conversation

– Mid term celebration dinner

– Included meals: Breakfast, & dinner

Day 8 & 9

– Spend the day relaxing and reflecting in Carmona, shopping and time to reflect is a must. Work at your own pace on projects. 

– Included meals: Breakfast & dinner


Day 10

– Journey to Seville to explore art and culture 

– Included meals: Breakfast 


Day 11 & 12

– Workshops, art-making and living well; work towards your creative goals, preparing for the final exhibition

– Spend the day relaxing and reflecting and attending workshops. 

– Included meals: Breakfast & dinner


Day 13

– Explore the work of the group for the final exposition

– Farewell dinner 

– Included meals: Breakfast  


Day 14

– Departures at leisure or take group transport back to Seville in the morning

– Included meals: Breakfast

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Your Journey Includes

Our Team: the Art Immersions team guides you through the entire experience.


Food and Drinks: meals served at the hotel, including arrival and final celebration dinners, and meals at local eateries


Accommodations: residence at a spacious traditional property in Carmona's city center with access to the entire hotel.


Ground Transportation: Private airport transfers and Carmona transportation, and day trips to Seville and Cordoba. 


Studio and Exhibition Space: Cultural Arts Center and City Hall work and exhibition spaces.  


Creative Presentations: lectures, critiques, and workshops by AIP leaders and instructors.

Academic: Course credit for University students/educators *approved by your University


Peace of Mind: international health insurance is provided for all of our participants.