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Arles, France

The Pleasures and Palate of Provence: An Artist’s Journey 


Live in Arles, France, while taking workshops in the arts and co-working on creative projects.

Program Dates: 
June 2-9, 2024

Creative Residency in the arts for professionals and enthusiasts


Arles, France. Provence.


Painting, Art, Graphic Design, Culture. 


All-inclusive $4,352.


Ten Days

Regenerate your mind, body, and spirit in the South of France. Spend an unforgettable two weeks in Arles, Provence combining culinary pleasures with workshops and space to work in the Arts. Learn art hands-on with international workshops taught by locals and experts. Work independently on your own projects surrounded by vibrant individuals. This curated art retreat guides you to rejuvenate and explore. 

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Trip Highlights

– Residence in the center of Arles in private apartments. 

- Workshops and courses in the arts taught by global experts

– Exclusive tours of local artist studios, museums, workshops, and galleries

– Studio and exhibition space in the city right next to one of Van Gogh’s riverfront painting sites

– Culinary experiences in Arles at local restaurants, famous for delectable herbs de Provence and the ever refreshing rosé du Provence

– Multi-course meals are shared out on the town in partnership with local chefs and bakeries

– Specially curated presentations and experiences by trip leaders and local artists

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Your Creative Practice

Take a Course or work independently on any creative endeavor. Professionals in the arts, creatives of all disciplines, and curious individuals attend.

– Studio Space

– Hands on instruction and learning 

– Mid and Final Exhibition Opportunities

Make art each day, guided by intellectual and skill-building principles. Study methods of drawing, painting, and writing in Provence. Learn to paint, draw and think critically. The focus of the trip is being in the moment and enjoying your time while learning and connecting to the world. Return home with a body of work and a broadened cultural perspective. We encourage participants to make work in a variety of formats, exhibited in the city. 



Your Trip Includes

Our Team: Trip leaders will guide your entire experience


Accommodations: Residence at a gorgeous historic properties right in the center of Arles. High-Speed wifi


Activities: Creative presentations, lectures, critiques and workshops by AIP leaders and teachers. Studio space and activity fees included

Food and Drinks: Most meals shared at the hotel and at our favorite local spots, including arrival and final celebration dinners. Quintessentially French multi-course dinners with rosé and other local wines

Academic: Course credit for University students/educators approved by your University


Peace of mind: International health insurance is provided for all of our participants


Live Abroad for Two- Weeks

Learn Art, Design and Culture

Connect with an international creative community

Take a Course

Work Independently on any creative endeavor. 

Spend two magical weeks in Provence in the charming city of Arles. This quaint town is home to forward-thinking innovations in the arts. Art world luminaries flock to the event of the summer, an international photography festival. There is a permanent landscape of architecture that is a mix of traditional French and Nouveau Modern, world-class art galleries, boutique museums, avant-garde performance art, and quintessentially French cafe life.


Provence is a bounty of sensory stimuli, with the world's most beautiful produce, lavender, wine, and landscapes. Natural wonders—including wild horses and flocks of flamingos—inspire both locals and visitors to view life with a renewed and joyful spirit. Where else can you make your perfume and experience the landscapes made famous by Van Gogh and Matisse while tasting Rosé from the unmistakable terroir? Join us, and immerse yourself in an artistic lifestyle from the moment of your arrival. 

Impressionist and Modernist artists lived in Provence with a vision of a utopian artist community. Experience that community with fellow travelers on this one-of-a-kind AIP journey. Learn and live in Provence while painting, writing, drawing, and designing with local and international experts. Build relationships and make lasting connections for stories you will surely re-tell.

Personal transformation
Opening access to learning
Interconnected arts
Exceptional experiences 
Creative community
Gorgeous work/ exhibition space

Graphic Design

Drawing, Painting

Narratives/ Writing 

Architecture, Sculpture