Discover the world through

performance and the arts. 

Narratives/ Writing 

Film, Sound, and Movement

Architecture, Sculpture

Performing Arts

Drawing, Painting

Art as experience.

AIP opens doors to art, dance, and culture for professionals and enthusiasts. 


Our Mission is to transcend borders connecting global communities with exceptional experiences in the arts, transforming lives through access to creative culture and knowledge.

-Connect a vibrant community to transformative experiences in the arts

-Transcend traditional disciplinary and cultural boundaries

-Democratize arts education

-Educate individuals towards greater self-expression, enjoyment of life, and purpose

-Create sustainable and regenerative opportunities 

-Impact each destination positively, creating economic growth

-Catalyze creativity

-Reach new heights of creation and consciousness

-Empower creative transformation and personal growth


Make art for live audiences.

Insider access to gorgeous locations guided by industry experts. Learn from experts in the cultural arts, and locals from each location. Live, work, and learn the arts by performing and exhibiting your work for live audiences.

Learn collaboratively from industry experts.  

Culture is best researched through hands-on learning and direct experience. AIP opens doors to art and culture for professionals and enthusiasts.   

Find your creative community.

Connect to a vibrant community through transformative experiences in the arts. Live, work, learn and eat together. Catalyze your creativity with lifelong support for your transformation. 

AIP opens doors to art and culture for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Performers, Musicians, Professional Artists, Designers, Architects, and Local Leaders Curating your experience

Frist Hand Cultural Access to the Arts. Hand Selected Itineraries and Narratives- Bespoke Experiences

Connect to Creatives for lifelong friendships