Our trips embody a holistic approach to living. They reset you to propel yourself towards a more creative and meaningful life.

Life is an ecosystem, made up of meals, mindfulness, sleep, community, learning, and experience. Yet, in many ways, we have forgotten how to live. Culture is being lost. People are disconnected from one another. Our trips embody a holistic approach to living and experiencing the world. They reset you, to propel yourself towards a more creative and meaningful life, off the screen, in a small utopia. Learn to live and see the world, as magical as it is.

Image by Sabrina Mazzeo

We approach travel with depth, learning from the terroir of each place.


We ask people to travel with us and live in the communities we visit. We are travelers and flaneurs, and select locations as communities who become collaborators.


You really live in each location, by learning, listening, and using the senses to experience each place.

Life-changing experiences
Empowering growth
Global community

Eat, live, and breathe the life of an artist/ creative 

Live your dream
Access skills to change your life
Mindful experience

Hand selected locations
Non-exclusive price point
Sustainable Travel, Small-Group Travel, Regenerative Travel 

Exceptional experiences in the Cultural Arts  

Curated Journeys

AIP designs the finest travel experiences for creatives and curious individuals. We believe that culture is best researched and learned through immersion learning and making. AIP investigates all art forms on our trips in comprehensive sensory experiences, from music and architecture to the visual arts and creative writing. We are forever curious about the world. 


We are a vibrant and diverse community, supporting each other in creative pursuits and integrated art forms. We connect the world and creative art forms, revolutionizing creative communities and the interconnectedness of expression in the arts. Invest in your imagination and creativity.

Respond, Reflect, and Create Art. Change how you see and respond to the world. 

Creativity + Friendship + Culture + The Arts + Community

Personal transformation
Opening access to learning
Interconnected arts

Exceptional experiences 
Creative community

Our Mission is to transcend borders connecting global communities with exceptional experiences in the arts, transforming lives through access to creative culture and knowledge.


CONNECT a vibrant community to transformative experiences in the arts

TRANSCEND disciplinary and cultural boundaries

OPEN creative access to artistic disciplines and knowledge

DEMOCRATIZE arts education with transdisciplinary adventures

EDUCATE individuals towards greater self-expression, enjoyment of life, and purpose

CREATE sustainable and regenerative travel opportunities through where we travel, how we travel, where we stay, and what we eat, reducing carbon footprints 

IGNITE economic development at each destination through collaboration with communities and placemaking

CATALYZE creativity and self-expression

DISSOLVE boundaries in disciplines and between creatives and communities 

OPEN access to art and culture, demystifying the arts, encouraging growth, interconnectedness, and a sense of purpose and in our lives


Your Journey

Our Team: The AIP team will guide you through the entire experience

Food and Drinks: Dining is an enormous part of the AIP experience. We design each culinary event to be relaxing and natural. Eating what locals do, and learning about culture through food. Each location has different ingredients and customs and we participate and source traditional and local ingredients. Working with private chef's local restaurants, villa staff and local bakeries, etc. We course organic and farm to the table whenever possible. Arrival and farewell celebration dinners mark the journey's beginning and completion. 

Small-Group Travel

Accommodations: Residence at gorgeous and historic properties. Private rooms are available

Space: Access to the grounds of the property and workspace on longer trips 10-14+ days 

Activities: Day trips and excursions, museum visits. Creative presentations, lectures, critiques, and workshops by AIP leaders and teachers

Internet: High-Speed wifi 

Peace of Mind: International Health Insurance  for all of our participants 

Our Story

We work with local artists and designers to design our programs in Italy. You will work directly with our community to get to know each country from an insider's perspective. 

Artist Immersion Program began as a collective of professional artists, designers, architects, musicians, and creative educators who came together to explore the world while making work and spending time together. We believe that while traveling you can create great work, and invigorate your practice while expanding your worldview.


Our goal is to host holistic international experiences - encouraging members to learn new skills and ways of seeing and responding to the world. AIP is rooted in the interdisciplinary and experimental methodology of the Bauhaus in Europe and the American Black Mountain College where a variety of disciplines were explored by collectives of artists and students. Our community is horizontal, meaning our leaders treat participants as equals on a journey together. The lack of hierarchy encourages people to learn and grow together, transforming and transcending boundaries. 

We believe we can make, learn, and grow together, for an interconnected and collaborative world. We value and support all types of making and generating ideas. We believe in the connection between skill building and conceptual thinking. We look holistically at art and culture and appreciate historical art forms and emerging practices. 

We believe learning happens every day. We are a community looking to grow with creatives at all levels. We believe disciplines can overlap and learn from one another. We believe in content and craft. We believe travel opens your eyes. We believe in learning on all levels. 


We believe in AIP and that our programs can make a difference in your life. We can change the world and want to do it with you.

We began hosting residencies at agriturismo's in Italy. Sustainability is a core principle of our organization. We ask participants to look deep into themselves, questioning what is important to them, what they need, and how they can access there greatest potential for themselves and for the world. 

Image by Orlova Maria

Where we stay

We design trips with an insider perspective, not as a tourist. One of the most important aspects of the journey is accommodation. We visit each site, scouting for the most beautiful and elegant accommodations. These spaces are lived in, and provide room for dreaming and making. Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. 

AIP opens doors to art and culture for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Join us on tailor-made journeys around the world in small group cultural immersions focused on the arts. Culture is best researched through hands-on learning and direct experience. AIP investigates all art forms on our trips in comprehensive sensory experiences, from music and architecture to the visual arts and creative writing.  We select authentic locations around the world and give you insider access. 

What to Expect

Growth, Friendship, Community, Skills, Wellness

Exposure to a wide range of experts in a variety of disciplines from across the country and globe

Space to relax and think deeply about your work- while making critical progress and increasing focus

Collaboration with creatives from various fields and experience levels

A broader cultural understanding 

Time to learn new skills and processes

Lifelong friendships, skills and ways of seeing and responding to the world

Image by Museums Victoria

“How concrete everything becomes in the world of the spirit when an object, a mere door, can give images of hesitation, temptation, desire, security, welcome and respect. If one were to give an account of all the doors one has closed and opened, of all the doors one would like to re-open, one would have to tell the story of one's entire life.”

― Gaston Bachelard,
 The Poetics of Space