Curated journeys in the arts and culture at gorgeous and sustainable locations around the world. Comprehensive experiences designed and led by experts - for professionals in the arts and curious individuals.

Small-Group Travel & Independent Departures 


Italy Tour Grand Tour

Siena, Italy

Jaipur, India


Marrakesh, Morocco


Arles, France

Kyoto, Japan

Oaxaca, Mexico

Paris, France

Image by Jean-Baptiste D.

Carmona, Spain 

Amsterdam, Holland

Marrakesh, Morocco

Creativity fuels a dynamic life. Our trips are regenerative travel for your mind, body, and spirit.


We create memorable and life-changing experiences. Make friends for a lifetime. Stay at hand-selected locations. Learn collaboratively from global experts. 

-Art insider experiences

-Regenerative travel

-Small-group travel experiences

-Sustainable tourism 

-Experiential learning and  travel  

-Access skills to change your life

-Curated experiences

-Lifelong friendships

-Insider access to art and culture

-Grand tours around the globe

-Creative co-working residencies 

Image by Guillaume de Germain

AIP opens doors to art and culture for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Join us on tailor-made journeys around the world in small group cultural immersions focused on the arts. Culture is best researched through hands-on learning and direct experience. AIP investigates all art forms on our trips in comprehensive sensory experiences, from music and architecture to the visual arts and creative writing.  We select authentic locations around the world and give you insider access. 


Our Mission is to transcend borders connecting global communities with exceptional experiences in the arts, transforming lives through access to creative culture and knowledge.

-Connect a vibrant community to transformative experiences in the arts

-Transcend traditional disciplinary and cultural boundaries

-Democratize arts education

-Educate individuals towards greater self-expression, enjoyment of life, and purpose

-Create sustainable and regenerative travel opportunities 

-Impact each destination positively, creating economic growth

-Catalyze creativity through international journeys

-Reach new heights of creation and consciousness

-Empower creative transformation and personal growth


Creative Residencies 



14 days

Small-Group, Guided

Unwind with a relaxing stay at an atmospheric Tuscan villa in the Italian countryside. Explore  Renaissance Florence and Medieval Siena. Experience tuscan artistry with daily immersion learning on this Grand Tour with Italian  International Art and Culture workshops.



Image by Raj Rana


7 days

Small-Group, Guided

Experience the luxuries and delights of Jaipur in this curated journey to India. Transform your creative understanding and skill; combining cultural explorations with textile workshops in Bagru village and Jaipur textile studios. Create with local artisans in this once-in-a-lifetime insider experience. 



14 days

Small-Group, Guided

Regenerate your mind body and spirit in the South of France. Spend an unforgettable two weeks in Arles, Provence combining culinary pleasures with workshops in the Arts. Learn art hands-on with international workshops taught by locals and experts. This curated art retreat guides you to discover your creative voice, and take time to enjoy the process. 


14 days

Small-Group, Guided

Take in the tranquility and artistry of Japan on this curated small group journey. Invest in your creativity with art and design workshops led by locals in Japan. Learn from artisans on this art tour; where you live and learn about art overseas. Comprehensively participate in traditional and modern Japanese art forms.



14 days

Small-Group, Guided

Uncover Andalucia with a relaxing stay in Carmona, one of Spain’s oldest towns, set in the countryside right outside Seville. Learn through experience and immersion with context in this insight vacation. Daily art workshops in painting, drawing, and artisan design stimulate your imagination, and hands-on skill-building. Ignite your creative passions and regenerate your spirit.

Online workshops, lectures, and exposure to global culture and the arts from anywhere in the world.

Art, Design, and Culture journeys at gorgeous locations around the world.