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A truly immersive experience. You aren’t just visiting the big tourist locations that every traveler gets to see, you are exploring the smaller locations and really getting a feel for different areas and what it’s like to be a resident of the country. We were guided to see things, and try foods and wines we never would have if we were traveling without experts.   

- Participant

2015  ​  

The world can’t be lived in one state or classroom. I learned the importance of getting out there.

- Participant



AIP was pivotal to my growth as an artist and person. I truly made connections I wouldn’t have dreamt of. 

- Participant


The best part of the AIP experience was meeting artists from around the world. What I took away was the importance of feeding myself creatively, mentally, and culturally.

- Participant


It was enchanting to make art in an open-air structure in the French countryside. Our days were filled with talk and laughter while learning from a calm and inspiring instructor. Being part of the AIP group helped me find new directions in my practice. 

-Copper Giloth, Professor U Mass Amhurst, New Media Artist, and researcher. http://coppergiloth.net/

AIP Participant Burgundy France, 2019

I’ve participated in two AIP trips and they were both amazing! I’m relatively new to the creative world but AIP made jumping into my artistry uncomplicated and even splendid. Everything was taken care of and carefully curated, from meals to experiences, so all I had to do was focus on my art and create in a beautiful setting with inspiring creatives. I returned home refreshed, re-energized, and with new completed works.

- Maks Yohannes, Economist, and Designer. AIP Participant Burgundy France, 2019

I had an incredible experience that I will never forget in Jaipur, India with the Artist Immersion Program. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and was rewarded with wonderful friendships, mentors, and experiences... as well as a total shift of perspective on design. Studying textile design from masters of the craft in the vibrancy of India was a journey that I will never forget. I am a better student and designer after my time with this organization. The course load was challenging in the best way - it pushed my thinking and opened my eyes to so many new avenues of design. I felt the freedom to work with my own style while merging the teachings from this new culture. I loved the opportunity to create pieces that represented the trip and my experience. I would recommend this program to every student in design - it will broaden your perspective and give you a study abroad experience you will never forget!

-Ashley Hansen, 2019 Participant.

Ash can be found at hansonash.com and @hanson.ash on instagram. 

The relationships I created were the best part of the AIP experience. I came home with more knowledge about myself.  


Summer 2019

Live with enthusiasm. There is still something out there that can inspire. You never know where it's going to come from. Apathy doesn’t get you to India.

- Jemme

India 2019  

I learned so much about myself and formed two great friendships. The experience was incredible and reinvigorated my love of art. I loved being in a community of interesting people, engaging in creative dialogue, sharing, connecting, and networking.   

- Artist in Residence


The best part of Artist Immersion Program is the interaction with students, artists in residence, and faculty. Time removed to focus, create art, and engage in dialogue in a beautiful environment. Seeing and discussing the work of professional artists was very special.   

- Participant

2018  ​  

The best part of the Artist Immersion Program for me was being in a really lovely community of some of the nicest people I've ever met.   

- Participant


India taught me to look at pattern and color differently. Making alongside master craftspeople, and learning about their dedication to handcraft was humbling. There is so much I didn’t know, so much I still have to learn. I definitely came away with new skills and ideas.     

- Participant

2018  ​  ​  ​  

Effortlessly fun learning and experimenting. Interactions with other students and instructors from different disciplines add to the growth of the artist at AIP. We learned to deal with challenges in our work and expand our horizons.      ​  

- Participant

 2018  ​ 

I loved going to see all of the small towns around the villa where we stayed in Italy. It was so much more relaxing than going to Rome. I think those smaller towns told me more about Italian culture than the big cities ever could have. We were exposed to the roots of Italian culture.  ​

- Aiden, Participant

Italy 2016


The program was really organized but always artful. I never felt stressed. I didn't have to think about food or transportation- just making art and thinking deeply for two weeks straight. AIP taught me a way of practicing art that I’ve been able to access while working back at home.  

- Participant

2015  ​  ​

The program helped me see the world in a different light – I see colors differently, and I am able to look at anything and find some type of beauty in it.  

- Nina, Participant


​AIP changed the way I see. It’s so easy to see everything as ordinary, but when you look at something as abstract, it all falls apart then comes back together. I know I became a better more appreciative artist, designer, and person on my trip.   

- Student


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