Amsterdam & Haarlem, Holland/The Netherlands

Urban Made Amiable: Dutch Art & Culture. Canals, shape, poetics

Your Journey

Program Dates: August 9-19, 2021

(10 days)

August 2022*

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One hundred sixty-five canals give Amsterdam its unique charm, a postcard view in every direction, from curved bridges bejeweled with bicycles to colorful public art. The Dutch capital is full of life, a green and inviting town where businesspeople en route to the office pedal past children and animals at play. World-renowned museums, art galleries, music clubs, and theaters are complemented by easy-going and welcoming locals and a picturesque small-town feel. The city’s small footprint and attention to urban planning and design make it easily and enjoyably navigable by foot, efficient and intuitive public transit, or bike.

Exploring this gem of a city begins with rich history of Amsterdam from the 17th century to the present, starting with the Golden Age of Dutch painting and ending with iconic imagery that challenges conventions. We look at Dutch design’s use of contrast, wit, and reduction and take excursions to world-renowned museums and esteemed design firms, as well as experiencing commercial and street art. 

Engaging with Amsterdam’s unique dedication to art as everyday will challenge preconceived notions of what city living means and allow visitors to explore the best of an urban community that feeds the senses and enriches the mind.