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Oaxaca, Mexico

Majestic Translations

Your Journey

The vibrant region of Oaxaca, first inhabited in 500 BCE, is both rooted in ancient traditions and vital with contemporary voices. The fragrance of mezcal, corn tortillas, and sweet chocolate drift down its famed cobblestone streets. When you arrive, you discover a city of the past and future, lived in the delicious present moment.

The hospitality and gentle opulence of local customs and traditions are welcoming experiences for visitors. And just beyond Oaxaca lie beaches spread out along the edge of the city, and nearby ancient ruins perfect for day visits. 

On this AIP immersive journey, you will reside at a historic property in the city center. Explore contemporary galleries and museums. Learn at artisan workshops in black ceramics, weaving, and cuisine. Enjoy group meals and an overall curated experience shared with fellow travelers. Embrace the majesty of Oaxaca with an opportunity that only AIP can bring you.


Program Dates:

Book Independently with your own group* Contact us to schedule your private departure


Visit: Tlacochahuaya and Teotitlan del Valle, two beautiful and traditional Zapotec villages on Day trips. 


Meet: Other creative individuals from around the globe, locals, and art professionals.


Attend: Workshops, conversations, and other creative events to get you inspired.


Discover: The architecture and cuisine of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Oaxaca, connecting ancient and modern cultural artforms.


Explore: Various neighborhoods, as well as art and artistic disciplines in the region. Enjoy a private tour of the Monte Alban archeological site, once the capital of the Zapotec civilization.


Create: Artwork with hands-on workshops and prompted discoveries. 


See: Live and learn about art visiting three artisanal villages – San Bartolo Coyotepec, Santo Tomas Jalieza, and San Martin Tilcajete, meeting the artisans there and see how they work.

Image by Gabriel Tovar


Day 1

– Arrivals at leisure to the airport in Oaxaca, greeted by a private transfer to the hotel

– Welcome reception aperitif and celebration dinner at one of our favorite local places 

– Included Meals: Dinner 


Day 2

– Wake up to the blue sky of Oaxaca and enjoy breakfast with the group followed by creative discussion

– Explore the city on a private tour, ending at one of our favorite spots for lunch 

– Afternoon artisan workshops, including painted wool rugs, natural dyes, mezcal and more

– Evening at leisure

– Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Day 3

– Tour artisan neighborhoods

– Exclusive visits to local galleries and studios 

– Evening at leisure

– Included Meals: Breakfast & Lunch


Day 3

– Guided gallery and museum visits

– Private visit to the home of Oaxacan artist for an insider perspective

– Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


 Day 4

– Artisan workshops and space to create

– Backstage access to local artist’s creative process

– Included Meals: Breakfast

 Day 5

– Explore historic artist’s life with museum visit

– Intimate visit to the home of a local gallery owner

– Included Meals: Breakfast & Lunch


 Day 6

– Spend the day on a food tour of Oaxaca’s best eateries

– Taste and create traditional Mexican food 

– Included Meals: Breakfast & Lunch


Day 7

– Visit mountaintop pyramids and mythical wonders at Monte Alban, Arrazola, Coyotepec and Cuilapam

– Farewell celebration dinner at a local culinary hub

– Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner


Day 8

– Departures at leisure

– Included Meals: Breakfast

Art Immersion Mexico Oaxaca

Your Journey Includes

– The AIP team: guides for your entire experience

– Travel logistics: private transfers, day trips

– Food and drink: all meals shared at the hotel and at our favorite local spots including a final celebration dinner

– Accommodations: residence at a gorgeous historic property, high-speed wifi included

​– Activities: creative presentations, lectures, critiques, and workshops by locals and AIP leaders, as well as all-day trips and guided experiences

– Peace of mind: international health insurance is provided for all of our participants

Art Immersion Mexico Oaxaca

Your Art Practice

Oaxaca is an artisanal capital of the world, where ancient techniques live on through communities of makers. Expand on this experience through local food and culture. 


You will visit multiple studios, galleries and museums with various experts. You will engage your creative skills with guided exercises in ceramics, textile, and culinary art forms. Most of all, you will immerse yourself in the illustrious city of Oaxaca with local experts as your guides.


Learn from locals while you delve into the variety of culinary delights and artisan crafts available, all while exploring the unique architecture and style of the city


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet artists & designers practicing in Oaxaca 

  • Attend luncheons and dinners with your group and friendly locals

  • Visit local towns and Mayan sites  

  • Explore the city through art, design and artistry

  • Create culinary delights in workshops with local chefs


You will have the opportunity to:

– Compose artisan works alongside local masters

– Practice making Mexican cuisine

– Photograph incredible surroundings

– Participate in creative and cultural discussions 

– Draw insight from local museums, curators and artists 

– Visit local museums and galleries