Southern Spain

A Dream in Southern Spain: Carmona and Seville

Your Journey

Program Dates: 

July 22 – August 4, 2021

14 days

July 2022*

Spend two magical weeks in southern Spain, in the relaxed city of Carmona, right outside of Seville. Here, where sensual traditions are as ancient as the sun kissed earth, and where olive oil and wine, an intrinsic part of life, are enjoyed  from day time to late night dinners. Carmona, an ancient and quiet town, is right outside of Seville, the setting for most of the worlds well known Operas, including the Barber of Seville and Carmen.

AIP Carmona is set at a beautiful historic property right in the city center, so that we may participate and integrate into the community in meaningful ways. We have studio space, courtyards, exhibition rooms, and ample time to explore the welcoming Andalusian city of Carmona. Each day, wake up to a lovely breakfast at the hotel, and, depending on your course of study, have class or head to the studio. Our meals are shared dining experiences set at the hotel and in local restaurants. Multi-course dinners encourage you to relax and take time for enjoyment. There are day trips into Seville, known for its incredible architecture; along with Cordoba, famous for its mosque cathedral and charming labyrinthian neighborhoods. Quiet and quaint means there is a lot to do and make; observing ancient structures and scenes, while listening to courtyard waterfalls and the sounds of local life.