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Siena, Italy

A journey in Tuscan Artistry 

Tuscan Villa Creative Residency

Live in Siena, Italy, while taking workshops in the arts and co-working on creative projects.

Program Dates: 
August 2-9, 2024


Creative Residency in the arts for professionals and enthusiasts.


Siena, Italy.



Painting, Art, Design, Culture. 



All-inclusive housing, most meals and art instruction.


Two weeks

Unwind with a relaxing stay at an atmospheric Tuscan villa in the Italian countryside. Experience Tuscan artistry with daily immersion learning with Italian international art and culture workshops taught by locals and experts. Work independently on your projects surrounded by a creative group. This curated art retreat guides you to rejuvenate and explore. 


Your Journey Includes

Accommodations: Residence at a gorgeous historic and majestic Tuscan villa right outside Siena. Private rooms are available.


Activities: Workshops in the arts taught by local and international experts. Access to the entire villa, including studio and exhibition space.

Our Team: The team will guide you through the entire experience.

Food and Drinks: Villa meals from the private estate, most ingredients sourced from the organic gardens and other local sources. 


Creative presentations: Lectures, critiques, and workshops by our leaders and teachers.

Internet: High-Speed wifi


Peace of Mind: International health insurance is provided for all participants. 

Academic: Course credit for University students/educators *approved by your University.


– Residence at a gorgeous historic and sprawling Tuscan villa right outside of Siena to use as your muse and studio space 

– Collaboration with a curious and diverse international community

– Workshops and discussions with creative professionals 

– Culinary creations from the estate's organic gardens are farm-to-table multi-course dinners featuring Tuscan wine

– Specially curated presentations and experiences by trip leaders and local artists

– Thought-provoking conversations sparked by project-based discoveries

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Your Art Immersion

Take a Course or work independently on any creative endeavor. Professionals in the arts, creatives of all disciplines, and curious individuals attend our trips.

– Draw Italy from life or your imagination

– Paint your surrounding and experience

– Study architecture and history of Italy

– Develop dynamic multidisciplinary projects

– Create Music, Poetry, or writing compositions

– Learn etching techniques and printmaking

Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and other individuals integrated art, design, architecture, and engineering into culturally impactful works of art during the Italian Renaissance. Disciplines overlapped, various perspectives were encouraged. Our villa is a sanctuary for art-making and focus. We study the art, food, architecture, design, and culture of Italy with a holistic experience for all participants. We are a community supporting each other while continuing to learn.  

Live Abroad for Two- Weeks

Learn about Art, Design and Culture from experts

Connect with an international creative community

Take a Course

Work Independently on any creative endeavor 

AIP Italy is set on a large and beautiful villa right outside of Siena. The day you arrive, we gather for an aperitif, followed by a celebration dinner with Tuscan food and wine. The villa has a bar and restaurant and numerous indoor and outdoor spaces for exploring. The villa serves gorgeous breakfasts on a large loggia terrace overlooking an expansive garden. Our studio space at the villa is where we gather to learn more about each other, make presentations, and work. The entire villa is an exhibition space and workspace. Two large cloisters offer green space with corridors and numerous large rooms where participants can work and relax each day. Our lunches and dinners are shared dining experiences set in a beautiful outdoor space overlooking the cloister. Multi-course meals encourage you to relax and take time to enjoy each moment of the day. Each day is full of creative conversation, encouraging you to relax and energize your creative pursuits.

Personal transformation
Opening access to learning
Interconnected arts
Exceptional experiences 
Creative community
Gorgeous work/ exhibition space


Drawing, Painting

Narratives/ Writing 

Architecture, Sculpture