Siena, Italy

Infinite Passion: A journey in Tuscan Artistry. An exclusive experience with AIP!

Your Journey

Tuscany is a haven for some of the most beautiful landscapes and cities in the world. This region was the center of the Italian Renaissance, a prolific period in history, that is still evident in modern day. Experience its significance by viewing the paintings that still proliferate the walls of its museums, explore its architecture, inhabit its interiors, hear the language, and see its designs. Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and other individuals integrated art, design, architecture, and engineering into culturally impactful works of art. Disciplines were integrated, various perspectives were encouraged, which is the perfect reason to study art, and experience an artist’s life - Italian style. 


Step into a beautiful historic villa, right outside the iconic warm-hued architecture of Siena. The villa, which was originally built for monks creating illuminated manuscripts, is a sanctuary designed to facilitate art-making. Meditative interiors, gorgeous exteriors, and sprawling landscapes will inspire your senses and ignite the realm of your imagination. Your experience is intertwined in perfect balance; there is time to create, travel to historic cities, and indulge in multi-course dinners - filled with creative conversation and warm engaging company. This is a holistic journey for a community of artists supporting each other. We will eat, drink and be merry, spending our days making, learning, and discussing the meaning of... well, life. Italians, must we say, know how to live.

Program Dates: 

August 5 – 18, 2021

August 2022*

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– Residence at a gorgeous historic and sprawling Tuscan villa right outside of Siena to use as your muse and studio space. 

– Exclusive tours of local artist studios, museums, workshops, and galleries

– Daytime excursion to Florence and Siena

– Guided tours of Museums 

– Culinary creations from the estates organic gardens. Farm to table multi-course dinners featuring Tuscan wine

– Specially curated presentations and experiences by trip leaders and local artists

Access to wifi at the villa

This trip includes international health insurance, and you can apply for your own trip protection plan here to cover trip interruption and your personal items. Your comprehensive well being is our top priority. 



Day 1

– Arrivals at leisure to villa; option to be picked up in Rome by private transport

– Unpack, relax, take a look around 

– Welcome reception aperitif and celebration dinner

– Included meals: dinner

Day 2

– Wake up in Tuscany for a gorgeous breakfast overlooking the garden loggia followed by a studio session with meet and greet.

– Private tour of grounds guided by villa staff; explore on your own

– Meet with your creative group to discuss goals and the immersion experience

– Start imagining, gathering, and finding inspiration for your project

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 3

– Communal breakfast

– Intro workshops with instructors

– Lunch and time for relaxing and personal reflection

– Afternoon time to continue creating

– Aperitif followed by presentations from professors and AIP trip leaders; learn about their work, process, and creative topics

– Communal dinner 

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4 &  5

– Communal breakfast

– Workshops to explore art within an Italian cultural context

– Lunch and time to exchange ideas with fellow participants

– Afternoon time for creating, relaxing and personal reflection

– Travel to Siena for a guided tour and creative conversations. 

– Dinner in Siena and enjoy an evening in Siena at your leisure.

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

 Day 6

– Breakfast at Villa

– Travel to Florence for a guided tour of local artist studio’s, and an insider's perspective on the Renaissance city. 

– Behind-the-scenes tour led by a local artist and expert through the Duomo, Uffizi plus other cultural and artistic landmarks 

– Lunch; recommendations from AIP provided

– Intimate visit to the workshop of a local gallery owner and print maker

– Dinner in Florence and return to villa

– Included meals: breakfast 

 Day 7

– Communal breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Villa

– Midterm review at AIP studio space; engage in creative conversation; receive input from fellow participants and instructors

– Set final goals for your project

– Mid term celebration dinner

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner


Day 8 & 9

– Communal breakfast, lunch and dinner at the villa

– Morning or afternoon workshop

– Make your own schedule; work on your project, relax, and reflect at the villa. 

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 10

– Journey to Siena for a day of shopping at local vintage shops and artisan stores. Stroll through the city, neighborhoods, each with its own flag and identity. A local expert will guide you through the city filled with history, fashion and curiosities! 

– Return in the afternoon to continue working or relaxing

– Included meals: breakfast 

Day 11 & 12

– Communal breakfast, lunch and dinner at the villa

– Make your own schedule; spend the day relaxing and reflecting at the villa, working on your projects and attending workshops. 

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 13

– Final exhibition; view work and explore the grounds of the villa in the process

– Farewell dinner 

– Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 14

– Departures at leisure;  take private transport back to Rome 

– Included meals: breakfast


The AIP team: we will guide you through the entire experience

Food and Drinks: Villa meals from the private estate, most ingredients sourced from the organic gardens and or other local sources. Luxury farm to table multi-course dinners with Tuscan Wine. Arrival and farewell celebration dinners: a tradition at AIP

Accommodations: Residence at a gorgeous historic and majestic Tuscan villa right outside of Siena. Private rooms are available.

Villa: Access to the entire villa including studio and exhibition space.

Activities: Day trips to Florence and Siena with an insider tour of Florence, Guided museum tours, ​Creative presentations, lectures, critiques, and workshops by AIP leaders and teachers

Internet: High-Speed wifi is provided at the villa

Peace of Mind: International Health Insurance is provided for all of our participants. 

Your Journey Includes

Your Art Practice

Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and other individuals integrated art, design, architecture, and engineering into culturally impactful works of art during the Italian Renaissance. Disciplines overlapped, various perspectives were encouraged. Our villa is a sanctuary for art-making and focus. We study the art, food, architecture, design, and culture of Italy with a holistic experience for all participants.

We are a community of artists supporting each other while continuing to learn.  

Create writing 

Draw Italy from life or your imagination

Paint your surrounding and experience

Study architecture and history of Italy

Create print designs

Develop dynamic multidisciplinary projects

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Trip Details and Pricing

PRICE: $3,900

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.
― Federico Fellini