Jaipur, India

The Artistic Gem of Jaipur:

The Pink City

Artisan Dream

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The Pink City is inherently beautiful and full of inherent contradictions. Jaipur is as luxurious as benevolent. Grandeur lies in magnificent palaces and in the spectacle of every day pageantry. Regality is matched by modesty, and the loving people one encounters, apt to share and discover each moment with excitement and joy alongside every visator. Sacred,and the everyday leave indelible marks on your psyche and heart. 


Indigo was invented in India, and over four hundred years of makers have passed down the artisan tradition of block printing and mud resist printing. We explore this tradition through textile workshops working with local masters of design and craft. 


Northern India is known for vibrant culture, spirituality and hospitality. We drink chai tea, practice yoga, go the best the city has to offer in an wide range of experiences, focused on textile arts and cultural arts.


Program Dates: 

February 3-10, 2022*


Guided Textile Art Journey