Jaipur, India:

Color, Textiles, and Design Residency






PAYMENT PLAN: DEPOSIT $500 and installments based on calendar


Open for Enrollment

DATE: JANUARY 3-10, 2021

Program Overview

AIP India is a series of designed experiences authentic to the modern and ancient city of Jaipur. We will attend various design workshops in the city, working with artisans to learn local art forms which include: Wood blocking, natural dying (Indigo originated in India!), relief printing, jewelry design, embroidery techniques, paper printing and binding and a unique meditation painting technique. Participants will be guided to photograph experiences at various times of day to capture light, color, and texture. 


As stated in our organization's name, Immersion is the key to our creative residencies. Northern India is known for vibrant culture, spirituality, and beauty. Our thoughtfully designed itinerary surrounds you with these elements through quality and ease. Thoughtfully chosen accommodation, globally recognized guides, and local in-the-know insights allow your trip to be one of creative expansion and self-exploration.

Start your New Year inspired. This is an open-level opportunity. From around the world, our attendees arrive with a beautiful variety of talent and interest. This assortment of insight, and discovery is celebrated with a final exhibition. The experience itself will last a lifetime.

"I had an incredible experience that I will never forget in Jaipur, India with the Artist Immersion Program. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and was rewarded with wonderful friendships, mentors, and experiences... as well as a total shift of perspective on design. Studying textile design from masters of the craft in the vibrancy of India was a journey that I will never forget. I am a better student and designer after my time with this organization. The course load was challenging in the best way - it pushed my thinking and opened my eyes to so many new avenues of design. I felt the freedom to work with my own style while merging the teachings from this new culture. I loved the opportunity to create pieces that represented the trip and my experience. I would recommend this program to every student in design - it will broaden your perspective and give you a study abroad experience you will never forget!"

Ashley Hansen, 2019 Course Participant.

Ash can be found at and @hanson.ash on instagram. 

Residency Includes

Heritage Hotel Accommodations

AIP Designed Experience

Globally Celebrated Designer as your Guide

Workshop Instruction, Fees, and Supplies

Meet & Greet with Other Celebrated Designers

Artistic, Curated Tour of Jaipur

Visits to Local Museums and Cultural Sites

Market Visits

Gentle Yoga Sessions

Guided Meditation

Personal Brand Session


Meals included: Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners 

Tips for Drivers, Land Agents, Sites and Helpers

Private Transport to and from the Jaipur Airport
for arrival and return flight * Flight not included in price

International Health Insurance 


Creative Resident

As a creative resident, you have an option to participate in all workshops or work independently. As a course participant, you will participate in all workshops. Both groups will participate in the same program with options to work on group projects, instructed assignments, and self-directed work/designs. We will work in local villages and have a studio space. 

University Students: Three-course credits may be offered depending on your school or if your course is approved for credit

Course / Residency Outline

Get ready to immerse in inspiring India and make a creative connection with the country. We are here as designers, artists, and makers. Every day is an opportunity to grow, create, learn, push our practice in ways we haven’t made time for before. Jaipur is steeped in design history. Based on a royal 18th-century urban plan, it is a city designed for commercial and creative exchange. This dynamic has endured over centuries and Jaipur is a maker’s dream. Jaipur is packed with high-skill artisans entrepreneurs, ready to collaborate. 


Jaipur is full of color, pattern, and texture. Study architecture, and the environment of Jaipur creating color, pattern and texture studies. Develop color studies and personal narratives reflecting on your personal journey and experience. We encourage documentation of your experience in a variety of formats, from creative writing, sketching, drawing/ painting, and watercolor, to photography, video, and film. Trip leaders will work with you to focus your response and expand upon your skills and techniques. Communal dinners and cultural presentations will synthesize the experience.  



Jaipur is an artisanal capital of the world, where ancient techniques live on through communities of makers.

Engage in ancient art forms alongside contemporary masters. Visit multiple studios and meet various experts in the field, understanding a broad historical and craft context of the textile arts of India. Engage your design skills with color, pattern and textural design. Study contemporary and traditional methods of textile art and design craft. Return home with various designed pieces, textiles, and a broadened perspective.



Compose textile designs.

Experiment with natural dye.

Experiment with block printing.

Design mud resist indigo dye patterns.

Practice embroidery techniques.

Design a personal piece of jewelry.

Print custom stationery and/or journal.

Discover new ways of painting.
Photograph incredible surroundings.

There's still time:

We look forward to sharing this unique, experience. Book now or reach out for inquiries. 


Day 00

January 2nd

Departure from home country.

Day 01

January 3rd

Arrive in Jaipur. Greeted at airport, hotel check-in, group dinner!

Day 02

January 4th

AIP intro, Tour of Jaipur, Visit to Annoki Textile Museum

Day 03

January 5th

Workshop, Shared Meals

Day 04

January 6th

Workshops, Shared Meals

Day 05

January 7th

Workshops, Shared Meals

Day 06

January 8th

Workshops, Shared Meals

Day 07

January 9th

Workshop, Shared Meals

Day 08

January 10th

Hotel Breakfast and Check out. Departure: Airport drop-off


We will complement making sessions with informal city walks, museum and inspiring store visits. Part of India’s beauty lies in its organic nature, and we will stay open to opportunities that enrich our plan. We also want to respond to your needs and if you want less or more of something we’ll do our best to incorporate it into our schedule.

*Note this schedule including dates is subject to change due to local weather, force majeure or new opportunities that better suit the needs of the group. This will help you get an accurate picture of what your experience will be like. AIP programs are non-refundable.


Itinerary Sample Overview:

DAY 1: CONTEXT Today is about being out in the city in a relaxed fashion, taking in its rhythm and learning about its history of textiles, specifically block printing at the famous Anokhi museum. We will start our day with lunch at their excellent cafe and then head inside. Take photos and make sketches of motifs and compositions to experiment with during our making sessions. Make a note of the colours and themes you are drawn to. Draw inspiration from designers who have unlocked India’s creative capabilities with great commercial success. 


DAY 2: WARM UP Today we warm up our hands and eyes. We will spend half a day walking around markets, observing, sketching and shopping for fabric and supplies. The other half will head to the studio for a half a day of block printing. 


DAY 3: PATTERN CUTTING & SEWING Today we head back to the studio to learn what it takes to make a garment. A ‘master Ji’ will teach us pattern cutting and machine sewing. This session will be tailored to your skill level. 


DAY 4: NATURAL DYEING & BLOCK PRINTING AT BAGRU Today we have our artisan immersive at Bagru village, home of block-printing, 20 miles from Jaipur city. Today we will learn about natural dyes, visit a printing factory, practice printing and then work on a 1.8m / 42” wide cotton scarf. We will also learn about natural post-printing finishing processes.

DAY 5: EMBROIDERY AT STUDIO Today we bring our frame of reference to the delicate miniature nature of embroidery. We will learn basic stitches, embellishment techniques, along with local Rajasthani techniques like pithan and gota patti. Choose a sketch from your notebook to translate into embroidery samples. Incorporate beads and other bits and bobs you’ve picked up at market stall. 


DAY 6: DABU RESIST & INDIGO AT BAGRU We head back to Bagru village for the second part of our print workshop. We learn how to dye with indigo leaves, and use a traditional mud resist technique to make prints. 


DAY 7: LOOKING OUT Today we draw inspiration from the past and present. We visit inspiring beautiful historical sites of note like the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Hawa Mahal, and Jantar Mantar, fascinating creations unlike anywhere else in the world. We also look at the work of talented designers who have passed through Jaipur, visiting hotels, shops, and restaurants that are heady modern creations of beauty. This is a moment to consider how we can draw inspiration to push our own practice in a broader way. What is the big ambitious project you have always dreamed of doing? What can we learn from people who followed their dream? 


DAY 7, DAY 8: STUDIO TIME These 2 days are our final making days where you can get into the flow and apply all your learning. Think about working towards something larger and more cohesive. Or create a collection of many small samples. Work at the studio or visit the village again. We will use the studio as our home base to block print, embroider, create garments etc. We can also use these days to visit other workshops that you may have an interest in, eg. jewelry making, natural dye store, paper shops etc. 


DAY 9: FINAL SHOW & CELEBRATION DINNER We will gather all of our work in a final show to gather and reflect on all our hard work!


DAY 10: HEAD HOME :) Breakfast at the hotel Check out of the hotel. Drop-off to the airport will be arranged by our private ground transport

The AIP Experience

The Artist Immersion Program experience is positive and friendly as our community of participants and instructors exchange ideas and support learning. Participants will spend time making art by hand, participate in lectures, conversations, and critiques- to understand the site and culture in a deep and meaningful way. We have class three hours a day and participants work independently for the rest of the day and are free to explore and relax. We plan presentations and activities where you can learn who the other teachers are, and learn more about the cultural region at large. 

We have designated time to make, enjoy planned meals, and to reflect and observe.  By making art/design while traveling, we believe you can translate your experience and explore a place in a deeply meaningful way. We travel to understand and grow with the world. 


AIP programs are designed to include open and unstructured time. We believe that open and relaxed time is how you can experience the whole world as a learning environment. We believe in the individual experience, in listening and responding to the world. This requires quiet time to think and respond. In India, we have a studio space where you can learn skills and work independently.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

India is full of brilliant colors and culture integrated into each moment. Jaipur is the Capital of Rajasthan in Northern India. Our trip is stationed in the heart of Jaipur. We reside at a heritage hotel residence which will provide our meals in addition to eating out at some of the best places in the city. Jaipur is full of texture, color, and traditional Indian architecture. Hand-painted rooms, gorgeous textures, peacocks, gardens, and tranquility make this an ideal setting for your adventure in India.

Jaipur is a global textile center full of makers and artisans. This program is designed to allow visitors to experience Indian culture and craft first-hand through the guidance of experts. This trip is the most authentic way to not just to see, but experience India.

Our heritage hotel is 14 KM from the Jaipur airport. 

Tips and Info

  • All meals are included for this program. All meals served will have vegetarian options, and we make sure to eat at wonderful places with vegetables, and cuisine suited towards international travelers (our systems can't always handle spice and local water etc.) All places we eat at wash all fruits and vegetables in filtered water. If you have other dietary restrictions, we recommend you bring food with you like power bars etc. We have a lovely grocery store where you can pick up a lot of items and other foods, however, not everything is available in Jaipur- only some brands etc. Many dishes in India are made with garlic, yogurt, and dairy, and we are unable to accommodate all dietary needs. 

  • Please visit your health care provider before the trip. We recommend scheduling this visit for a minimum of four-six weeks before travel. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consider when registering to make sure you are set to go.

  • We recommend bringing cash to change at the airport as ATM's have limited amounts you can get out at a time. Most everything is covered by AIP on the trip, but its nice to have local currency for local flower markets, textile places etc!  



Meet AIP at the Jaipur airport on the program start date. You will book your own flight to India. Many participants fly into Delhi and take a local flight to Jaipur. 


AIP will have private drivers and arrange transport and scheduling for the entire trip. Our drivers will pick you up at the airport on the program start and end dates only. You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements. The hotel can help you arrange this. Jaipur has uber and lots of taxi's. 

AIP will send you information about any supplies to bring with you- pens, pencils, watercolor, paper, etc, before the trip along with travel tips and instructions. Most workshop supplies will be provided for you but we recommend bringing other art supplies so you have your favorite supplies on hand. 


& Insurance


Get your passports ready! India requires foreign visitors to be in possession of a passport valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country. So make sure your passport is up to date past the dates of the program. 


Getting a visa to India is simple. All visitors are required to obtain a visa to visit India. Please visit to fill out your information and get your tourist visa after registering for the program. 


AIP makes sure you are safe on the program. We enroll all participants in international health insurance. This covers medical and emergency situations. We highly recommend participants enroll in travel insurance for trip cancelation and personal items in addition to our policy for your computers, and other valuables. Travel insurance covers trip delay, cancellation, or interruption due to an unforeseen event- plus lost, delayed, damaged, or stolen gear or bags. Its good to know your protected. 

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