Arles, France

The Pleasures and Palate of Provence: An Artist’s Journey 

Your Journey

Spend two magical weeks in Provence, in the charming city of Arles. This quaint town in Provence has become a home for forward thinking innovations in the arts. During the summer, art world luminaries flock to the event of the year - an international photography festival. The eclectic cultural art hub that has sprung up in the last three decades consists of traditionally French architecture intermingled with nouveau modern; as well as world class art galleries,  boutique museums, avant-garde performance art, and quintessentially French café life. This is where Van Gogh, who sought respite here, was the most prolific. He not only completed 300 plus works in little over a year, but many of these works are his most famous. 

Impressionist and Modernist artists lived in Provence, with a vision of a utopian artist community, Provence is a bounty of sensory stimuli, with the most beautiful produce, lavender, wine, and landscapes in the world. Visit the nearby Camargue region, for natural wonders, flamingos, and wild horses. Take day trips to a French perfumery and Marseille. Where else can you make your own perfume, experience the landscapes made famous by Van Gogh and Matisse, while tasting Rosé from the unmistakable terroir? Join us, and immerse yourself in an artistic lifestyle from the moment of your arrival. 

Learn and live in Provence while painting, writing, drawing, and designing with local and international experts. Build relationships and make lasting connections, for stories you will surely re-tell.

Program Dates: 

2022: June 13th - 26th


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