Mexico City, Mexico

Artisan journey through  Mexico City art and culture

Program Overview

Immerse yourself in Mexico City’s rich traditions and cultures by visiting the workshops and artisan sites of artists and makers. This journey will lead you through the city streets on an investigation of color, texture, and culinary artistry.


Mexico City expands throughout the land, telling many tales — tales of ancient traditions, proud cultures and thriving art scene. This AIP journey will lead you through the city’s streets to investigate color, texture and culinary artistry as you’ve never known it before.

Over your five to seven day visit, you will learn first hand from masters in creating art and craft. You will taste the flavors of Mexico. And you will revel in the exquisite architecture that waits to be discovered around every corner.

Join a group of fellow travellers on this immersive experience of Mexico City, only from AIP!

Program Dates: 


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Journey Highlights

– Reside at a beautifully designed hotel well situated in the city

– Exclusive tours of local artist studios and galleries 

– Shopping excursion to sensuous markets and other the best local creative shops

– Shopping excursions to local markets and districts to inspire you

– Guided tour of multiple museums throughout Mexico City 

– Exquisite dining experiences featuring local flavors of Mexico City

– Specially curated tours of homes, museums, workshops and galleries


Stays in beautifully designed hotels, entrance to museums, art courses, cooking courses, all meals, transportation, guides are all included.

Image by Alexis Mora Angulo
Image by Dimitry B

Mexico City 

Sensuality and spirit are epitomized by the community in Mexico CIty. Artistry is found everywhere. You just have to look, and use your senses.  


​Mexico’s culture is colorful, rich, and vibrant. It has been influenced greatly by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, as well as the colonization of Europe. This combination creates one of the most fascinating cultures in the world.

Suggested Reading:



The Mangy Parrot 

by José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi


The Mexico Reader

editors, Timothy J. Henderson, Gilbert M Joseph

The Labyrinth of Solitude

Octavio Paz

Image by Jorge Ramírez

"To be an artist, one must . . . never shirk from the truth as he understands it, never withdraw from life." 


Diego Rivera

Your artistic experience

We offer various immersive activities in Mexico City. Our group will travel to museums and cultural sites to understand the broad historical context of art and design in the city. Mexico City is known for painting, pottery fibers, cuisine, and leatherwork. AIP will visit workshops of local masters.  

Meals are shared at the hotel and at local restaurants. 

Some highlights include: 

- Cooking class

- National Palace with Rivera Murals

- Chapultepec Castle

- Local market visits

Museums of interest include:

- Museo de Popular Art (Craft Museum)

- Palacio des Belles Arte

- Anahuacali Museum (Rivera’s pre-Columbian collection)

Image by Dennis Schrader

What you will do and learn. 

An immersion in the handcraft of Mexico is diverse from culinary and textile arts to painting sculpture, and literature. This